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If you're like me, you probably like games. So that means there's probably a decent chance that you're also interested in Good Game, the long-running ABC series.

Good news! The new season starts again tonight, and we've got a trailer for you all.


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You could spend your morning sorting through all of the twisted tracks coming on the DJ Hero 2 disc next month or just accept that any game that mixes Naughty By Nature's "O.P.P." with the Jackson 5's "ABC" automatically wins.


Did you see it? The broadcast was interrupted by some dude who made this strange statement: “I think I’m party to a crime in progress and it will affect us all if it goes ahead, so let me explain my dilemma. I’ve been working for privately funded laboratories specifically researching geoengineering solutions. What’s geoengineering…” What the hell does that mean?


"Videogames, as a medium, have also reached a stage in their development where they are mature enough to tackle concepts far more meaningful than just shooting space aliens." So says the brains behind the Serious Games initiative just launched by the ABC and Screen Australia. They're calling for serious game design ideas, with the eventual competition winners receiving funding to development their idea into a playable game.


Remember when we all watched with gaping maws at the ignorance of politicians and pundits on ABC1's Q&A program? Remember when Daniel Silk wrote a substantial letter of complaint to the ABC about how poorly the discussion was handled? Well Daniel has had something of a result from his letter, which led to an assessment of the program and an apology and admission that some of the remarks made by Tony Jones could be "confusing and misleading". A footnote has been added to the Q&A webpage for the particular program. It doesn't fix what went wrong on the night, but a GG to Daniel for raising the alarm in an official capacity — and the Q&A team will probably be more careful to get things straight should gaming come up again in future.

The full reply letter to Daniel from the ABC after the jump.


I know many of you have tried to forget it ever happened, but try to recall that horrible Q&A panel on the ABC. Not wanting to leave the issue without some expert comment from the other side, GDAA prez and Tantalus CEO Tom Crago has offered his opinion on the ABC News website. In it, he criticises not only the panel, but the classification system and Michael Atkinson.

While Crago covers ground we've talked about before, he still makes a compelling argument, and provides something most of us cannot - the point of view of a developer. From the piece:

As game developers, we are trying to make games that provide entertainment to players of all ages. Video games are not going to turn your children into criminals. They are, in fact, the modern face of the entertainment industry, and something that we in Australia are very good at producing.

The focus of this debate should be upon how the Australian classification system can best give adults the information they need to chose video game content for themselves and their children, without burdening our country with unjustified and draconian censorship to the amusement and pity of the rest of the world.

I think the world alternates between pitying and mocking, but any attention is good attention, right?

Unlike a specialist blog such as Kotaku AU, the ABC site attracts a range of personalities. Even so, most of the comments to the piece are positive, though I couldn't help but notice this rather, well, insane post.