ABC's Dropping A Show For Parents About Gaming

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Video games, and the culture surrounding them, remain a bit of an enigma for older audiences but a new ABC series is aiming to clear the murky air for parents, in particular.

The series, aptly called Help! My Kid Is A Gamer!, will have data and research at front of mind rather than the opinion or hearsay that often dominates the sensationalism surrounding video games. Hosted by gaming expert, Nich Richardson, each of the five episodes will cover a range of trending topics such as:

  • Classification & Violence
  • Screen-time & Addiction
  • Microtransactions & Loot-Boxes
  • Parent Controls & Safety
  • Benefits of gaming

Giving each topic more rigour, Nich will be interviewing certified professionals such as university professors, psychology doctors, technology experts and behavioural scientists so no boomer will be able to argue with the cold, hard facts.

Help! My Kid Is A Gamer! will be available from October 14 on ABC iview.

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    Reading that title I thought the show was already out and ABC was canceling it.

      So we've got this new show about gami...aaaand it's cancelled.

        "When they said it was a show about gaming, we thought they meant pokies and the such. Thankfully we caught on the minute before it was going to air and killed it."

    If it was hosted by a combination of GG hosts and the guys from the checkout it would be a great informative show.

    Information is least to those over thirty!

    What rocks have these parents been living under? Guaranteed they grew up with the first home consoles at the least.

      Not every gen-xer grew up in a house with gaming systems.

        Yes but even if they didn't own one themselves they almost certainly knew someone else who did, and would have played at least a few games in some capacity.

          not sure if NES or N64 era gaming knowledge is entirely applicable for kids playing modern games that include microtransactions and online play.

            Any and all gaming knowledge is. The platform itself doesn't define knowledge about the benefits of limiting screentime and endorsing outside exercise, the potential for gaming addiction if you don't instill responsible amounts of gaming time and self control as well as potential other aspects such as content in games i.e. classifications and violence. That's always been a universal thing?

              I don’t think it’s as universal at all.
              Not everyone who grew up with games will have all the tools they need to apply those restrictions and knowledge of micro transactions to their kids.
              There is most definitely a higher risk of the kids coming into objectionable content with internet connected devices compared to what you could get on a game boy.

              There is of course plenty of parents who “had a console” but wouldn’t identify as a gamer. They might have played Mario kart for an hour before going outside or having to do homework, and never had to be actively time managed by their parents.

              This is all sort of borderline “you’re a bad parent if you don’t know x” which is bullshit

                You're picking one sole aspect, the microtransactions, which itself is an evolutionary standpoint granted. I'll concede I was a bit ahead of myself saying *all* knowledge, what I did mean is that by and large, the common sense applied to consoles has a fundamental set of knowledge that relies on common sense which can indeed be applied across all of them. When you get into microtransactions, you're heading into more advanced but still necessary territory these days (especially given we had a family member whose kid just racked up 500 bucks on fortnight on their credit card *sigh* but thanks Epic for refunding after 8 weeks and multiple emails...) The whole thing of identifying as a gamer is kind of moot, the only thing about being a bad parent is this:

                You're a bad parent if you used a console to raise your child rather than being a parent yourself. I've got a lot personally invested in that comment myself on a personal level and I 110% believe in it.

                  I picked on micro transactions singularly as I had already written a lengthy comment while in line for lunch.

                  The risk of objectionable content is exponentially higher. The games are designed using similar methods casinos use to keep players playing. And the online chat in games opens the kids up to cyber bullying and other threats.

                  There is definitely common sense, but then there’s also specific knowledge that some parents might not have to be able to make an informed decision.

      There are a lot people who know that games exist, but know nothing about them other than the words ‘Nintendo’ and ‘Sony’.

      And I’m fairly certain first gen consoles are nothing like today’s machines.

      My wife was never allowed gaming in her parent's house, and her default response now is that games are bad and the kids can't touch them. I think this could be beneficial to show that there are also ways built into the consoles themselves to set time limits.

    Yeah sure Nichboy going to be host for ABC's Help! my kid is a gamer! Well guess what not going to watch it ever since Channel 7's Screen Play got cancelled along with Good Game.
    Hey Nichboy where's Hex?

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