What: Top Spin 3. When: May 23. Where: Australia

topspin3_360.jpgIndeed! Come May 23, you'll be able to enjoy the athletic antics of a creepy-looking Roger Federer and the ball-slamming serves of a very surprised Andy Roddick. Hey, I'm just going by the box art. Seriously, Federer looks like he wants to stab your dad.

Four platforms can expect the title - Xbox 360, DS, PS3 and the Wii. I'm guessing the PSP doesn't have the requisite drop volleying skills and the PC's net game can't pass muster.

2K Games says preview code should be available later this month. Until code does arrive, I'll just keep whacking my balls in Virtual Tennis 3.


    Woohoo! Preview code!

    cool, i love the series and i cant wait for the expliscit looking federer, i cant wait especially that i know the official release date, anyway bye bye ppl

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