Boring Tuesday? Try Jetpack Brontosaurus

bront_pack.jpgBoring Tuesdays aren't like boring Fridays. With the latter you're only looking to waste a few hours. As for the former... well, there's still three days to occupy.

Jetpack Brontosaurus can help out, regardless of which boring day it is. JB is about a dinosaur. In space. With a jtepack. That's more than enough material for a game methinks. It's in alpha, so don't get upset if you find it doesn't always co-operate. The controls aren't complex - mouse to look around and the keyboard to move. At the very least, it'll make the next ten minutes or so fly by.

Note you'll need to install a third-party app (Unity 3D) to play.

Jetpack Brontosaurus [Official site, thanks Brendan]


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