Dark Sector For Australia: “Not Going To Happen”

Dark Sector For Australia: “Not Going To Happen”
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A toned-down version of Dark Sector based on the Japanese build? Yes, we could deal with that.

Sadly, it seems this information was more of a plan rather than solid confirmation, as we were led to believe. Digital Extremes, the developer of the game, got back to us recently with this:

We were aware of the Australian banning, it got quite a few headlines over [in the US] . We did make an altered version of Dark Sector for Japan which could easily be updated for Australia but D3 hasn’t requested that we do it yet.

AFA Interactive, the local distributor, gave me a call to clarify that the matter is entirely in the hands of D3 and, while it has been working hard with the publisher to bring the game out here, nothing has come of it yet.

Digital Extremes says it doesn’t want us to miss out on the game but as far as it knows “it’s not going to happen”. Australian retailers: 0, overseas stores: 1.


  • Shitty game anyway, no great loss. If I want to play a faggy version of Gears of War, I’ll just play Gears of War against 12 year olds online with voice chat enabled.

  • Played it, finished it, IMO the best game to get refused classification so far (it has its flaws, but overall is a lot of fun). Like every RC game I’ve played, it was violent but didn’t seem any worse than a whole lot of other games out there.

  • Well, that news should be met with a resounding “meh”. I imported a copy of the US version for PS3 out of interest and was left wondering if I could get a refund – which is most unlikely.

    Why that game got banned in the first place is beyond me. A little bit of limb severing? Really, the content of that game is nothing even compared to it’s original Dolly, Gears of War.

    If anything, the Dark Sector issue serves only to further highlight the problems and inconsistency rife with the OFLC.

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