PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle Not For Australia

PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle Not For Australia
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According to this story on Tweaktown, we won’t be getting the PS3 MGS4 bundle that was announced back in February.

Tweaktown was right on the money with the details of the GTA IV PS3 pack, so there’s a good chance this news is correct also. The story mentions that the GTA IV pack did not do so well here, and theorises that this is the reason we won’t be getting an MGS4 one.

UPDATE: Just clarified details of the bundle.

No MGS4 Bundle for Australia [Tweaktown, thanks Simon]


  • $750 for the PS3 GTA 4 pack here in Australia, that is ridiculous! They can suck a big fat one for all I care. I hate to say it but I might have to turn to the 360 because it can be chipped thus saving the money I DESERVE TO BE SAVED, in comparison to the rest of the world and don’t give me rubbish about how I’m hurting the industry and so forth, YOU HAVE HURT MY POCKET FOR YEARS! It’s pay back time.

  • Of course the GTA4 bundle was going to flop in Australia. We were paying $750 AUS for a gimped PS3 model with an edited version of the game.

  • Well if Australia was to get an MGS4 bundle, it’d just be the same as the GTA4 one; 40GB console, SixAxis or DualShock 3 and the game. We’ve already been told that it’s not financially viable to release any other versions of the console in Europe/Aus/NZ

  • I’ve been holding off getting a PS3 for MGS4, so this would be a disadvantage to me, but GTAIV and MGS4 are both killer games, so I don’t need to get an MGS4 bundle. Already got my GTAIV bundle.

  • just because australia, europe and new zealand arent as big of gamers as north america and japan, we get ripped off all the time, paying extra for stuff like the DS3 controller, waiting longer like super smash brothers brawl, getting edited versions of games and not getting some games at all like dark sector. if companies like sony and nintendo took the risk at giving us games around the same time for around the same price, they might find themselves at a win, but they are causing this for themselves

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