Terrorists Using Fallout 3 Concept Art?

Terrorists Using Fallout 3 Concept Art?

news_fall.jpgNews.com.au is reporting (though the story is sourced from The Australian via Reuters) that the “computer generated” image of the city that appears above was posted on an “Islamist forum”, apparently to show off what Washington DC would look like after a nuke strike. Which I guess is kind of right, seeing as that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. It was supplied by SITE, a group that monitors Islamic websites.

Wait a minute…

That’s no CG image! That’s concept art by Bethesda for Fallout 3. I tell you, those terrorist groups are getting sloppy. They should spend more on artists and less on AK-47s. Stop stealing stuff off Google Images! It’s bad!

[Thanks JamesC]


  • I suppose it could happen, if Al-Qaeda convinced the world to nuke themselves… And if mutants actually could exist. 😛

  • Heh, I saw this when I was at work and was thinking “Hey… wait… isn’t that Fallout 3 concept art? No…couldn’t be. They wouldn’t post that, would they?”

    Thanks for the confirmation o’ great ones.

  • “Stop stealing stuff off Google Images! It’s bad!”

    Hahahhahaha!!!! Like you can talk Kotaku! You’re the worst of them all!

  • Made the 2nd page of thelondonpaper. Hehe. Caption: “A computer generated image of Washington DC after a nuclear attack. The image was discovered on al-Qaeda affiliated forums, along with discussion on the possibility and risks of a nuclear strike on the West.

  • Al-Queda is in for it now, kill our people, destroy our buildings, BUT DON’T SCREW WITH OUR COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL!!!

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