Violent Games Are… Killing Simulators?

nz_left.jpgCheck out this story over at Scoop. Try not to laugh.

So, first off, we have Gordon Copeland, an independent MP in New Zealand, saying Grand Theft Auto IV should be banned. Isn’t the edited version good enough? The country’s overflowing gaols say otherwise… apparently.

Secondly, there’s David Rossman, an expert in violent crime, who believes that violent games are almost as educational an experience as the real thing:

“These (video games) are actually killing simulators and they teach… to kill in much the same way the astronauts on Apollo 11 learned how to fly to the moon.”

Yes, because GTA IV can show me everything I need to know about firing an AK-47. If I ever wanted to fire one. Or kill someone.

Are violent games contributing to increased crime rates in New Zealand? I honestly couldn’t tell you. What I can say is that calling for a ban of a violent video game is perhaps the weakest proactive measure you could take against such a problem.

MP calls for ban on Grand Theft Auto 4 [Scoop via Sumea]


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