Violent Games Are… Killing Simulators?

Violent Games Are… Killing Simulators?
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Check out this story over at Scoop. Try not to laugh.

So, first off, we have Gordon Copeland, an independent MP in New Zealand, saying Grand Theft Auto IV should be banned. Isn’t the edited version good enough? The country’s overflowing gaols say otherwise… apparently.

Secondly, there’s David Rossman, an expert in violent crime, who believes that violent games are almost as educational an experience as the real thing:

“These (video games) are actually killing simulators and they teach… to kill in much the same way the astronauts on Apollo 11 learned how to fly to the moon.”

Yes, because GTA IV can show me everything I need to know about firing an AK-47. If I ever wanted to fire one. Or kill someone.

Are violent games contributing to increased crime rates in New Zealand? I honestly couldn’t tell you. What I can say is that calling for a ban of a violent video game is perhaps the weakest proactive measure you could take against such a problem.

MP calls for ban on Grand Theft Auto 4 [Scoop via Sumea]


  • The side effect of a populace not caring about politicians and dismissing them as egotistical air bags. Is that they need to inflate even further to reach maximum vote carrying capacity of the polarized population that do.

    As for the crime expert. Clearly there hasn’t been enough ACTUAL crime recently for his expertise to be needed anywhere else.

  • It is buffoonery like this that makes me feel a touch ashamed to be from New Zealand. Are videogames to blame for our crime, or is it tied to the gang culture, binge drinking, drug abuse roundabout of self loathing that dominates the local psyche?

  • God forbid actual common sense be applied here, because apparently it’s not really that common.

    How many people have died as a direct result from playing video games? Not “possibly” or “as linked by the media” but definitively?

    How many people have died from the effects of alcohol, cigarettes, vehicle collisions or any combination of the three? And how many family members or friends have been affected as a result?

    Now which side of the coin attracts more revenue from taxes?

    It’s hard not to be a cynic sometimes.

  • I have to laugh at this bollocks.
    So videogames should be banned. What’s next: R18 movies banned as well?

    What needs to happen is we need tighter controls on parents buying games for their kids who aren’t legally allowed to play them. It’s shocking how often I’ll be in The Warehouse/Kmart/Any retailer doing some work (territory manager for SCE-NZ) and I see parents buying R18 games for their kids who are 8-10.

    I’ve started telling these parents now how big a fine they’re in for if they’re caught buying these games for their kids. I also tell the sales staff if I see a parent planning to buy games for their kids when they shouldn’t be.

    And I shouldn’t be having to do this. Parents these days are turning into idiots and it’s ruining things for everyone.

  • How do you respond though to the fairly extant evidence that violent video games *do* increase aggression?

    For sure, common sense is important, but isn’t it also important to take the common good into account as well?

  • I will not be told what I can and cannot buy for myself by the government or some rogue MP, if I am legally of-age.

    The bottom line is the blame should fall squarely on the parents allowing their children access to this restricted media. End of story.

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