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New Zealand GTA IV – Is It Unedited?: There seems to be some confusion regarding the state of the “R18” NZ version of GTA IV. With the news that the Australian build was modified ahead of its meeting with the OFLC, and Rockstar’s reluctance to specify exactly what’s changed, gamers are turning overseas for their fix of the publisher’s latest title. We’re on its back now to determine the purity of the NZ build, and the second we have news, we’ll let you know. Fingers crossed.


  • I seriously didn’t want to have to go offshore for my copy. But….

    I think the Govt/OFLC would make a lot of people very happy if they implemented a R18+ classification. I’m looking at you SA!

  • woooooo that was my tip 🙂 (god I hope its not true)

    but seriously, we all need to know this as NZ was my first choice to import. I will import from UK if I have to but yeah…..

    go go Logan, you can do it! seek the truth.

  • It would be most disheartening if the New Zealand release suffers the same sanitized fate as the Australian release. I cannot understand why the Australian OFLC does not pull its collective head out of its ass and implement an R18/Adults Only rating – I think its outrageous that New Zealand should suffer the same censorship for no reason other than our proximity to our koala hugging cousins.

  • I pre-orded my uncensored copy from the UK yesterday (I’m in AUS). They emailed me confirming they’ll still have enough stock to for fill my order (, looks dodgy but it’s actually quite a good site). Plus it only costed me $85AUD including postage. I would have pre-orded from New Zealand had it been already been confirmed they’re not getting the same version as Oz.

    Down with censorship and down with insane over-charges.

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