Retailer Confirms: NZ GTA IV Same As Australian Version

Retailer Confirms: NZ GTA IV Same As Australian Version
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Rockstar hasn’t exactly been straight with the Australian public regarding how different our version of Grand Theft Auto IV is to the rest of the world’s. In fact, the publisher’s been incredibly difficult. With its integrity in doubt, gamers have been seeking their copies from overseas retailers, including our close neighbours in New Zealand.

Sadly, it looks like the NZ version is the edited Australian version. Retailer Gameplanet NZ has sent out an email to its pre-order customers informing them of this fact.

We’re not sure how it came across the information, just that it has.

We’re still waiting for confirmation from Rockstar (which has failed to return multiple emails on the subject), but I’d say it’s a safe bet both countries are out of luck.

The email from Gameplanet NZ can be found after the jump. Thanks Dave (via Luke P.)

We have been informed today that New Zealand will be receiving the same version of Grand Theft Auto IV as Australia.

As you have placed your order after Rockstar announced that the Australian version was edited, we are assuming that you will no longer require the game to be shipped from us, as we can’t supply you with an uncut version.

The last thing we want to do is supply you with a product that does not meet your needs and we’ve therefore taken the liberty of removing your GTA4 order from our web site.

We certainly hope we can be more helpful to you in the future! 🙂

Kind Regards,
Customer Service
Gameplanet Store


  • I have to say, as a customer who was considering ordering from GamePlanet if the NZ version was unedited, I think this is EXCELLENT customer service. Not everybody will agree, but anticipating that Australian orders placed after the date of announcement would not require an NZ edited version is great. Not all stores would take notice of that, and informing their customers in a friendly email is a good step.

    If I ever need to order from NZ in the future, I know where I’ll be going.

  • There’s still the possiblity of ordering from the UK. GAME still has it up for pre-order, but reports are that the UK is running out of pre-orders fast. Even after shipping is added it still works out cheaper then buying retail in Oz.

  • terrible, absolutely terrible. Why will we be forced to play a cut down version in NZ for no better reason other than to save retailers some shipping costs.

  • Grrrr, my tip email was to slow. :'(

    Oh well, looks like I have to find somewhere close to do my last minute pre-order in Australia.

  • This sucks severely, I don’t understand why this is happening? NZ has an R18+ rating, if it’s a matter of logistics can’t they just ship the UK pal version there as well.

    I live in Australia and ordered the game from Gameplanet today before I read this, so far i have received no email like the one above. I’m hoping that enough emails to Rockstar will help change this for NZ if it is in fact true.

    This looks to me like a huge mistake on Rockstar’s behalf as they have previously condemned Australia for not having an R18+ rating and are now failing to make the effort to supply the uncut version to NZ which has such rating in place.

    Complete bollocks! I’m really getting fed up with the difficulty this is going to impose on Aussie and NZ gamers who want the full GTA experience not a watered down “Kid Friendly” version.

  • hmmm…. just got the email 🙁 off to a uk site. shame on you rockstar and shame on the OFLC as this is partly their fault as well.

  • I’m pretty pissed off like everyone else. This situation is out of control and I’m glad alot of people are going elsewhere.

    I just order the GTA IV Special Edition through the UK GAME store as the normal edition isn’t guaranteed for shipment on the release date. I guess they’ve got a big load of orders backed up.

    Not that I needed the Special Edition but I guess I can sell it in a couple of month for a hight price once I’ve had enough of the game, or is the possible. Sounds like I’ll be playing it over and over again for a while.

    Screw you OFLC! My money has gone overseas!

  • I am so FREAKING LIVID about this. I’m a 33 year old New Zealander and do not appreciate the Australian thought police influencing what I can and cannot play.


  • Got the same email. Huge kudos to Gameplanet for the outstanding customer service. Rest assured I will buy from you in the future.

    In the meantime, £45 is coming out of my finances and making Game UK a tad richer.

    AGs? Get with the game soon, please?

  • @ BOB

    Totally agree man, this is the way ALL companies should deal with their customers, I will be shopping from them in the future you can bet.

    Oh and a big thanks to Logan for following this up, I sent the tip in last week and have been hoping like hell that it wasn’t going to turn out true……

  • I sent an e-mail back to Gameplanet NZ thanking them for looking out for customer interests, even though they probably won’t read it.

    Rockstar have been nothing short of disgraceful with their treatment of the Australian gaming public (falsely claiming earlier on that our version would be unedited, then editing it BUT not telling us what was taken out), and it looks like the Kiwis are getting the shaft too.

    Notice there has yet to be an official announcement regarding the NZ version. I don’t expect that there will be. After all Rockstar have been just as non-forthcoming with us Aussies. If what they say is true and there are just “minor edits” in our version, then why not tell us what they are, and let us decide for ourselves if we still want to play the watered-down version? Surely Rockstar cares about more than hitting record sales figures worldwide. Oh wait…

  • As questionable as Australia’s lack of an R18/Adults Only rating for games is, Rockstar’s decision to ship the watered down GTA IV experience to New Zealand is bordering on the insane. Not the amusing insane that you would associate with the three stooges but the “WHOOP WHOOP I’M A FIRETRUCK” insane. I would suggest a mass boycott of the game by all of australasia, but lets face it, we all want to play the game! Praise the gaming gods that there is no region lock on the PS3 and praise be to speedy international couriers. And big props to GPstore for doing the decent thing and being up-front with their customers.

  • That’s really bad. I’ve had my preorder from an NZ retailer since August last year and it’s just now that we find this out?! I may still keep my Collectors Edition preorder and then just sell the game and order from the US. Horray for the PS3 being region-free, becuase for everyone who’s getting it on the 360 they’ll have to order from the UK and be forced to pay more for it ^^

  • Just as i was starting to get excited about it and all !!

    Certainly has taken the shine off it all. I will now wait and see what has been cut, what has not.

    I will still hold out hope that we will get the uncut version. If not it may be a case of import.

  • Pre-orders elsewhere are still risky though. We may be getting the watered down version, BUT if you choose to pre-order one from overseas, then you MAY be facing Multiplayer issues, unless you’re in it mainly for the Single Player.

  • Why the hell don’t adult gamers in Aus bring a class action suit against the government? If you’re an adult why shouldn’t you be entitled to look at adult material? I can’t imagine any other country where adult gamers would accept that sort of censorship lying down.

  • I am cancelling my order for GTA 4 because everyone are unsure if NZ will be get Uncut or Cut version. Let us NZ gamers stick together and boycot the game cause it looks like they are treating us like kids too!!!!!!!! Fu$% This!

    If we allow this to happen now it will happen again!!!!!!!

  • O.o I wouldn’t freak until you hear a second source on this. a Few years ago gameplanet advertised the full version of GUN for PSP back when it hadn’t even been announced as a port to PSP. It even went on sale at one point… it was up for about 4 months. So yeah.. wait and see wait and see. it IS unusual that they are the only source on this.. even the Sydney Morning Herald mentions “The game has been rated R18+ by the British Board of Film Classification, New Zealand’s OFLC and the German Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle.”

  • hey people you can get the PS3 version from the USA all games all over the world work on your PS3

    im preording it from usa from

  • People STOP dont buy GTA IV from overseas the game is region locked as ive been told by take2

    (Discussion Thread
    Customer (n n) 23/04/2008 12.20 PM
    Last Messeges:
    Discussion Thread
    Response (Matthew) 23/04/2008 06.22 AM
    GTA IV on the PS3 is going to be region encoded meaning that if you have an Australian PS3 the US version of the game will not run on your console.)

    looks like you’ll get stuck with the cut version – it cant that bad

  • nuh i think its okay u might still be able to play us version or uk version on your aus machine

    ive just orded the game from some guy on ebay its an uncut US version of the game – he said u can play it on your console because the game isnt region locked and Sony said u can play any game from any country..

    Sorry for the state of shock i only got one reply out of it though lol so it must have not been that bad of a shock to people

  • Fuck them. Steal it. I was going to buy it ’til I found this out. That said, I’ll wait and see before doing anything hasty.

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