Retailer Confirms: NZ GTA IV Same As Australian Version

gta4_ps3box_small.jpgRockstar hasn’t exactly been straight with the Australian public regarding how different our version of Grand Theft Auto IV is to the rest of the world’s. In fact, the publisher’s been incredibly difficult. With its integrity in doubt, gamers have been seeking their copies from overseas retailers, including our close neighbours in New Zealand.

Sadly, it looks like the NZ version is the edited Australian version. Retailer Gameplanet NZ has sent out an email to its pre-order customers informing them of this fact.

We’re not sure how it came across the information, just that it has.

We’re still waiting for confirmation from Rockstar (which has failed to return multiple emails on the subject), but I’d say it’s a safe bet both countries are out of luck.

The email from Gameplanet NZ can be found after the jump. Thanks Dave (via Luke P.)

We have been informed today that New Zealand will be receiving the same version of Grand Theft Auto IV as Australia.

As you have placed your order after Rockstar announced that the Australian version was edited, we are assuming that you will no longer require the game to be shipped from us, as we can’t supply you with an uncut version.

The last thing we want to do is supply you with a product that does not meet your needs and we’ve therefore taken the liberty of removing your GTA4 order from our web site.

We certainly hope we can be more helpful to you in the future! 🙂

Kind Regards,
Customer Service
Gameplanet Store


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