Kotaku Australia Originals: Super GTA IV News Mode Activated

ausglobe_01.jpgDid anything else happen in gaming last month other than Grand Theft Auto IV? Going over our original posts, it’s hard to believe otherwise.

But believe we will.

Firstly, Mario Kart Wii debuted, along with its rather pricey plastic wheel “controller”. Plans were made to bring a modified Dark Sector to our shores. Except those plans didn’t work out. We put together a list of options on how to fight for an R18+ rating for video games, and some dude’s girlfriend made us laugh while she tried to play Team Fortress 2.

As for GTA IV? *Deep breath* New Zealand got our edited version, confirmed by the NZ OFLC and a retailer; we got our hands on the Oz OFLC report; the street date was broken; Sony announced a PS3 bundle with the game; NZ was eligible for a Social Club comp, but Australia wasn’t; everyone shared details of where they were importing GTA IV from and finally, we heard rumour upon rumour regarding the removed content in our version of GTA IV.

And that, friends, was April.

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Mario Kart Wii Delayed in New Zealand

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New Zealand OFLC Confirms Its GTA IV Same As Australia’s

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Retailer Confirms: NZ GTA IV Same As Australian Version

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Australia Will Get Toned Down Dark Sector, Based On Japanese Build

Mario Kart Wii Wheel Will Be $19.95 In Oz, Confirmed By Nintendo


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