Tell Us Where You'll Be Buying GTA IV

Ah, Grand Theft Auto IV. We love you, we do. We're just not so taken by your undesirable modifications or hefty price tag. Once just the problem of Australian gamers, New Zealand has been caught in the storm as well.

So readers, where will you be buying your copy of GTA IV? Give your top recommendations here, and we'll get the word out.

I feel kind of dirty, encouraging people not to support the local economy, but really, it's hard to be positive when the unmodified game is selling for half the price elsewhere.


    All righty: are selling both X-Box 360 and PS3 versions of GTA4 for $70.37 Australian.
    Shipping racks in at about $4 bucks for a grand total of $75 dollars.

    That's a saving of $45 dollars from EB's advertised price of $120 dollars. Hell, chuck in the best shipping you can get and you'll still be saving over $20 bucks.

    Also, let me reassure those nervous about online shopping, play-asia is 100% reliable.

    EB: $120 $75.00

    Word on the street is that NZ are getting the same version as Aus.

    Only leaves Play-asia or importing from the UK as options for us poor PAL/retarded ratings system suffers for GTA goodness.

    And From the Atomic Forums:
    In regards to what Rockstar have removed for the Australian release, as far as we're aware there was only one sexually violent cut-scene which Rockstar felt would cause the game to be Refused Classification. Unfortunately we're not able to go into specifics until after the game has been released but I can tell you that the scene involves a weapon being inserted into an enemies private area during a mission where Niko is taking revenge after one of his close friends was forced into sexually intercourse during his stay in prison.

    This is what Rockstar felt needed to be removed from the game for its Australian release. We were recently given permission to release this information because as we understand, Rockstar originally made a press releasing stating that the game would be released uncut worldwide. We felt it would be misleading not to release the information.

    Just found this snippet of information on the Something Awful forums. If it's true, then I'll be content to stick with my edited copy and watch whatever weapon-in-orifice violation scene they cut out on youtube.

    I'll be waiting until the US 360 version is confirmed as region free. If it is, gets my order.

    If it's not, I'll probably wait for a while before making up my mind.

    Imported definatly, I just hope that the xbox version is region free... I really don't think i want this game to play on my ps3

    Playasia is selling it for like 70dorrahs.

    I would be importing but I allready have the special edition pre-orderd and probbably wouldn't be able to get one if I cancled and got one from overseas.

    I've got my uncut copy coming from

    Its one of the few online retailers still taking pre-orders for release day. Their site LOOKS dodgy but their customer service is ace.

    I'm going to pick the US version up from The ps3 version that is. They've got it for a good price, and pretty cheap postage.

    I'm buying the US version from It's roughly $94 AUS dollars with FedEx postage or Speedpost so you get the game pretty much the day after release. So that way you get the untampered version and save yourself 25 bucks. You could also go for cheaper shipping options and save more money but wait longer. It's just up to you. by the look of it...

    I think seems to be the most obvious choice for importing the unedited version of the game. Well, for the PS3 version at least.

    If the US 360 version is confirmed as region free, will have my order.

    If not, I'll wait and see.

    I have the special edition on pre order at EB for the midnight launch.
    I also put down a pre order on a US copy from Play Asia as soon as i heard about the edit.

    I pre ordered a month ago at JB Hifi to get the extra gear with my copy, so I'm horrified to hear about the censorship issue - had i been aware of it when I made the purchase, I would have bought an import copy. I would really like to see an adult rating for computer games to prevent this from happening.

    I just pre-ordered yesterday from the UK website

    Glad I did now that its confirmed the NZ version is gimped too.

    I'm sure its not a huge difference..but I'd be sitting there playing, constantly wondering in the back of my mind what I'm missing out on.

    At this point, I still intend to buy locally as I'm so impatient I can't wait for a pre-order from overseas to arrive. That, and I may be playing on a SD television. Though the cuts to the game do upset me, I'd be very surprised if they are in any way critical to the game experience itself.

    I'd really like to hear from everyone else, because I honestly don't have any good suggestions or ideas.

    I was thinking about just looking around on sale day and I'll probably end up at JB Hi-Fi, as they're usually the cheapest. It's kind of putting me off the whole thing really.

    I just preordered it from play-asia, AUD$70 great price plus its the uncensored version. Only problem is it wont be shipped until 2nd of May

    Play Asia...

    Cheaper with less censoring...

    I won't be buying it locally. I'd rather not own it than play an r15 version of it!

    I'll be waiting for the release. If the US release is unregioned then I'll be buying that, via Play-asia. Failing that it will be the UK release.

    I hear that!
    I am getting mine from Play-Asia, or others can try DVD Crave for PS3 imports.

    Thank goodness for the region free games as I am sick of paying more for less. Hey that is a great Aussie's motto for gaming - "Paying More For Less".

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