Tell Us Where You’ll Be Buying GTA IV

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Ah, Grand Theft Auto IV. We love you, we do. We’re just not so taken by your undesirable modifications or hefty price tag. Once just the problem of Australian gamers, New Zealand has been caught in the storm as well.

So readers, where will you be buying your copy of GTA IV? Give your top recommendations here, and we’ll get the word out.

I feel kind of dirty, encouraging people not to support the local economy, but really, it’s hard to be positive when the unmodified game is selling for half the price elsewhere.


  • All righty: are selling both X-Box 360 and PS3 versions of GTA4 for $70.37 Australian.
    Shipping racks in at about $4 bucks for a grand total of $75 dollars.

    That’s a saving of $45 dollars from EB’s advertised price of $120 dollars. Hell, chuck in the best shipping you can get and you’ll still be saving over $20 bucks.

    Also, let me reassure those nervous about online shopping, play-asia is 100% reliable.

    EB: $120 $75.00

  • Word on the street is that NZ are getting the same version as Aus.

    Only leaves Play-asia or importing from the UK as options for us poor PAL/retarded ratings system suffers for GTA goodness.

    And From the Atomic Forums:
    In regards to what Rockstar have removed for the Australian release, as far as we’re aware there was only one sexually violent cut-scene which Rockstar felt would cause the game to be Refused Classification. Unfortunately we’re not able to go into specifics until after the game has been released but I can tell you that the scene involves a weapon being inserted into an enemies private area during a mission where Niko is taking revenge after one of his close friends was forced into sexually intercourse during his stay in prison.

    This is what Rockstar felt needed to be removed from the game for its Australian release. We were recently given permission to release this information because as we understand, Rockstar originally made a press releasing stating that the game would be released uncut worldwide. We felt it would be misleading not to release the information.

    Just found this snippet of information on the Something Awful forums. If it’s true, then I’ll be content to stick with my edited copy and watch whatever weapon-in-orifice violation scene they cut out on youtube.

  • I’ll be waiting until the US 360 version is confirmed as region free. If it is, gets my order.

    If it’s not, I’ll probably wait for a while before making up my mind.

  • Imported definatly, I just hope that the xbox version is region free… I really don’t think i want this game to play on my ps3

  • I would be importing but I allready have the special edition pre-orderd and probbably wouldn’t be able to get one if I cancled and got one from overseas.

  • I’ve got my uncut copy coming from

    Its one of the few online retailers still taking pre-orders for release day. Their site LOOKS dodgy but their customer service is ace.

  • I’m going to pick the US version up from The ps3 version that is. They’ve got it for a good price, and pretty cheap postage.

  • I’m buying the US version from It’s roughly $94 AUS dollars with FedEx postage or Speedpost so you get the game pretty much the day after release. So that way you get the untampered version and save yourself 25 bucks. You could also go for cheaper shipping options and save more money but wait longer. It’s just up to you.

  • I think seems to be the most obvious choice for importing the unedited version of the game. Well, for the PS3 version at least.

  • I have the special edition on pre order at EB for the midnight launch.
    I also put down a pre order on a US copy from Play Asia as soon as i heard about the edit.

  • I pre ordered a month ago at JB Hifi to get the extra gear with my copy, so I’m horrified to hear about the censorship issue – had i been aware of it when I made the purchase, I would have bought an import copy. I would really like to see an adult rating for computer games to prevent this from happening.

  • I just pre-ordered yesterday from the UK website

    Glad I did now that its confirmed the NZ version is gimped too.

    I’m sure its not a huge difference..but I’d be sitting there playing, constantly wondering in the back of my mind what I’m missing out on.

  • At this point, I still intend to buy locally as I’m so impatient I can’t wait for a pre-order from overseas to arrive. That, and I may be playing on a SD television. Though the cuts to the game do upset me, I’d be very surprised if they are in any way critical to the game experience itself.

  • I’d really like to hear from everyone else, because I honestly don’t have any good suggestions or ideas.

    I was thinking about just looking around on sale day and I’ll probably end up at JB Hi-Fi, as they’re usually the cheapest. It’s kind of putting me off the whole thing really.

  • I just preordered it from play-asia, AUD$70 great price plus its the uncensored version. Only problem is it wont be shipped until 2nd of May

  • I’ll be waiting for the release. If the US release is unregioned then I’ll be buying that, via Play-asia. Failing that it will be the UK release.

  • I hear that!
    I am getting mine from Play-Asia, or others can try DVD Crave for PS3 imports.

    Thank goodness for the region free games as I am sick of paying more for less. Hey that is a great Aussie’s motto for gaming – “Paying More For Less”.

  • Personally I’m happy to buy from an Australian store as long as it’s just sex stuff that’s been cut from the game. I find most sex-related gaming things a bit silly really ( see the witcher ). Sometimes it works ( ie, Mafia ) – but honestly I never once have gone near a prostitute in any GTA game in the past. So as long as it’s that, and not anything plot/graphical/audio/gaming related – I wont mind.


  • Ordered for the 360 last week from ebay. $65 plus $10 shipping, have been assured by seller that its the uncensored version. Intended to buy locally for the ability to have it on day 1, but censoring it was the last straw.

    Im probably going to start looking to ebay or importing for future titles, on principle.

  • I’ll still be getting my Special Edition of GTA IV from right here in Australia. However, if I don’t like the edits that have been made to the Australian version of the game, I won’t hesitate to import a UK copy via eBay.

  • my story starts a few months ago, pre ordering GTA4. All G’ed up about a midnight launch at EBgames Fountain Gate. willing to pay the $120AUD price tag just to get this,SO hyped (in my mind) game, then finding out all the bullshit info bout the cuts and not getting the un edited version day #1 (nz&au would get it before the whole world). i would have to buy it overseas. hence a week or so later. Then the microsoft GOD ‘aka’ Bill Gates, shined on me, my XboX broke for the 3rd time in 2yrs Sorry im missing bits im drunk.I will not get my x box back till well after the 29th of april.Thus being a slacker,spending all my spare cash on a sweet ass t.v plus x box plus games.I have to wait for the man thus abandoning the internet and all GTA4 updates to avoid all spoilers.GT: Jelqirt see ya on the flipside.

  • I’ll probably be importing it or grabbing one off an American store on eBay when I pick up a tripple in June depending on how bad the modifications are.

  • I’ll definately be importing. More for the cost than what was taken out. Play-asia seem to be a good place, and I can get a dualshock at the same time.

    I’m not going to put up with ridiculous prices just because retailers think they can get away with them. I’m not afraid about trade-in value either, what I will save versus what it’s worth at trade-in is more than worth it.

  • depends. if the game has alot of the features that make gta gta then i will get it at the pirate place. if the game has alto of its features intact and its only little things that dont actually matter then i will get it at big w

  • I’ll be getting mine from Play Asia, I have no problem buying locally but due to the OFLC I’ll be buying from overseas. Thanks also to the South Australian Governor General.

  • I will probably be at the EB Games midnight launch with a friend, i still have school so i will be playing alot till the morning and probably get about 10 minutes sleep before i need to wake up and get ready for school…..and daydream some more during Physics…..i never really liked that subject anyways.

  • I’m going to import it from the UK if its not region free; at least their version is uncensored. I can’t really imagine saving a penny on it, but, at least its not censored!!

  • eb… ahhham eb-ay i would have paid $20 extra to get the full version here i saved $50 therefore i am better of by $70 (after delivery i.e. delivery is included for the UK pal)its crazy here in australia… damn i wonder why i bought local games in the past….

  • i’ve ordered from play-asia (only $70AU before shipping) myself and have a mate who’s ordered from amazon. But from reading comments on another story it sounds like many people have gone for GAME for some reason.

  • Importing from GAME in the UK – the modification of a game in any way is a violation of artistic expression.

    Just not cool.

  • Yup, I will be buying OS can’t afford the local version… unless I pimp the missus and start smuggling all sorts of illicit substances, weapons and take on the odd contract killing.

  • Pre-ordered from

    I got in a little late though – Missed the first batch of pre-orders so I’ll be getting a little late. Still, for a grand total of $80AU or so, it’s worth the wait.

    Cancelled my pre-order at JB Hi-Fi today, they didn’t even ask why. I couldn’t help but notice that the 50 signs that said “GTA IV SPECIAL EDITION PRE ORDER SOLD OUT,” had disappeared. Funny that…

  • Nowhere: I’ve already purchased or recieved as a gift Liberty City 3 times now, and don’t feel like having it again. Personally I just don’t see what GTAIV offers me that something else doesn’t. I will, however, play it at a friend’s house, and if I DO like it, I’ll grab a copy off:

    Play Asia: As in the post above, I can get a half price, uncensored version. The shipping isn’t too bad either. Luckily the PS3 version is region free. (Way to shoot yourself in the foot Microsoft. You’ve lost at least 1 sale from your region locking). And I wouldn’t feel bad about not supporting the local economy – I seriously doubt the 60% markup goes to local retailers. Importing Puzzle Quest or Destroy All Humans might be a tad weird, but if it’s not made in Australia, I don’t think it makes a huge difference. Come to think of it, I don’t really think it makes much difference if it IS made here. And hey, at least we’re supporting the local mail service!

  • EB Games from Woden, Canberra. Because I want it on 360, the NZ one is now pointless, nearly every British store is sold out of their launch allocation and the US version isn’t region-free.

  • I’ll be buying my copy off the internet only if its region free, OR I’ll be trading 3 crappy 360 games into JB HI-FI and get it FREE there. (3 games are Quake 4, Rainbow six and Saints Row)

    If all fails I’ll just buy it at EBgames full price.

  • My saga began at my local EB games (Gold Coast) where I happily preordered my copy of GTA IV for the first time. I was happy, I thought all i had to do was kick back, wait and read the hands-on impressions as im psyching up for the release.

    A few days after I find out the local version has been censored so I check out some foreign sites and figured out Gameplanet NZ will be the best bet as the delivery shouldn’t take that long.

    So, I ordered it off Gameplanet today, log on to Kotaku a few hours laterr and find out the sad news. Shortly after i receive the email from Gameplanet that was posted on this site.

    So ended up ordering the game (yet again!)from, their orders for the standard version are (kind of) sold out. Special version you can still get shipped out on the day of release. At this point i just want the uncensored game don’t really care how long i have to wait.

    I’m not buckling under the pressure of censorship. I’ve played every single uncensored GTA title to date and settling for the “Child Friendly” version would be a thorn in my side that would definitely affect my enjoyment of the game.

  • Actually a great topic, but how about something similar for Rock Band importers? I’m trying to get it for the 360 without paying GBP120 in freight.

  • I’ll definitely be importing, I just had a successful importing experience with Super Smash Brawl so i’ll be jumping on ebay first chance I get.
    $75 incl. postage with full content beats a watered down $120 by anyone’s math!

  • I’ll be buying my copy from EB Games (Australia). I usually don’t buy my games from EB Games due to their dodgy business practices but they one of the only few places that will be having the Limited Edition version of the game and might be the only one that might have a midnight launch.


    XBox 350 version was 45 pound including shipping, making it a full $20 under the gimped version here.

    Still picking up the Collector’s sEdition stuff here though, I’ll just trade in the M15 version when the UK one arrives (4-6 business days).

  • Currently DVDCrave Limited Edition Thing, however i was going to buy copies of ebay (region free version), however since theres not limited editions available from overseas, im currently waiting to find out whats been cut, then buy or not buy.

    but ill probably buy for $60-70

  • Play-Asia, definitely. Already ordered the US version from there – with the aid of a $10 voucher, total cost will be about AUS$64 landed.

    At least the US version is guaranteed to be the original, unmodified game.

  • I’ll buy the modified copy from JB Hifi

    I don’t really care that it’s modified, or that it costs more, or that it’ll probably come out months later

    I’ve given up and learned to live with the crap games publishers throw at us down here in Aus, and take that fact that I’ll probably move stateside in the next 3 or 4 years to be a good thing

  • Will look to the US if it works, if not europe. This sucks for me because I would have bought locally without modifications, just so I could play it asap.

    I think telling people not to support the local economy in this case is fantastic. It provides another reason for the government to provide an R18+ rating to the OFLC. Money is the one language everyone understands, but when big business (lets be honest no one buys games from ma and pa stores) misses out on a chunck of the cash cow that is GTA, that will be vocal.

  • i work at a video rental store and one of the perks is ordering games in to buy at cost price + 10% so i’ll buy getting it from them and saving $20 in the process $$

  • Well, I’m getting my copy from – Special Edition, Xbox 360 for the ‘bargain’ price of..umm…$134.99. I want it on release day. I have annual leave and [i]need[/i} it for then…the UK ‘special edition’ fails me in terms of achieving that goal.

    I’m hoping the only scene being cut is one involving a 9mm and a naked middle aged male bank teller.

  • Well I’m going for the trade in3 get it free [email protected] JBHIFI. The way I see it, I’m getting a good price ($40) for those games. Unfortunately the games I really want to get rid of, shadowrun and Table Tennis, I can’t trade.

  • @Big Nick: I was looking at GAME earlier about that, they’re charging UK RRP for Rock Band and everything but apparently shipping is just under 10 GBP extra to Australia so that might be the answer. Assuming it wasn’t their system giving a false quote. Though I suspect they’d be bound by that price regardless.

  • Definitely Play-Asia. I don’t understand why anyone would go out and buy it at home. Plus I don’t have enough PS3 games yet (or at least enough to part with) to get a trade-in at JB or some such.

  • Gametraders in Perth for three reasons:

    1. Local retailers, esp specialist retailers should be supported otherwise Australia is going to shrink from a ‘small market share’ to a ‘desolate wasteland market share’.

    2. They had the special edition for the 360.

    3. They’re having a launch party at a cinema giving people the opportunity to play the game on the big screen which is beyond cool.

  • I’m getting mine from Ebay. Seller called videogame1234, I have bought from them many times and with express + game for $75 I’m quite happy. He says it will be a UK version. If the rumor is true that the only thing left out is a cut scene. I would have probably bought it here and got the game a week early. As it stands I still get it a lot cheaper though. I think it would have been smart for Rockstar to say what was left out if they wanted people not to import. If the buyer can make their own decision then they will feel so much better about it. Being left in the dark has many many people speculate and fear that the missing content could be an entire mini game etc.


  • I was going to be importing from play-asia. But after hearing customs can confiscate it for being contraband, I will just download it.

  • I’ve got a strong suspision there’s more then just a cut scene that’s been removed.. The OFLC talk about picking up prostitutes and the camera focusing on the number plate. Their UK counterpart describe “simulated sex” when you pickup a pro. A numberplate doesn’t sound like simulated sex to me.

    The gun in the a-hole thing was denied by rockstar too if i remember correctly.

    I’ll most likely buy from playasia depending on the outcome of the multiplayer region locking.

  • My UK copy of the Special Edition arrived today, finally the torture is over! Can’t wait to get home from work!

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