Game A Week 3: Blockshooter (In Development)

Block_1.jpgBlockshooter will be the next instalment in Kotaku's AU's Game A Week feature, where I do my best to code a new game in seven days.

Departing from the simulation and turn-based genres I've explored in the last two weeks, I've decided to code a shoot em' up. It's pretty conceptual at the moment, but the basic idea is that you fire lasers at blocks and collect the goodies from inside. You can then "build" those goodies onto your ship to make it better. It's like a combination of Breakout, Space Invaders and MacGyver. Or Spore.

You'll be free to create ugly ships that have ten super guns, or sleek, sexy creations with less firepower but more grace.

Friday again is my deadline. Wish me luck!

If you missed the previous Game A Week releases, Zafehouse and Wizkill, be sure to give them a play!


    sounds interesting, is the pic in your post an early beta screenshot?

    @Vangalorr: Indeed it is. I expect it'll look a bit different once the final is done.

    Ahhh.... That sounds awesome indeed!

    Looking forward to it Logan. Always a fan of breakout!

    Maybe you should try and throw in some Columns (or tetris, etc, whatever your flavour is) and require the shooting of the same coloured blocks...or is that getting too complex? haha

    sounds awesome.

    Good luck with this one. If it's going to be like MacGyver though there had better be a Duct Tape powerup. :P

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