Red Tribe Made A Jumper Movie Game?

jumpergame.jpgOr more importantly, someone thought it’d be smart to make a Jumper movie game? Talk about slipping under the radar! This turd from Australian developer Red Tribe came out in February and managed to sink to the bottom of the retail ocean, escaping the notice of even the most hungry of crap game-eating sperm whales.

I hate to go all ghetto on an Oz studio but, damn, 29/100 on Metacritic? Official Xbox Magazine in the UK even went as far as to say it “makes you want to jump off a cliff”. That’s not something you can keep a straight face about and be proud of.

Publisher Atari was cursed with distributing the title locally. Seeing as I never received a review copy, or was sent a single press release about it, I think even the company’s PR smelt Jumper‘s fetid odour on the winds of disaster and consigned the title to the depths of bargain bins the nation over.

What is it with local devs and awful games? I mean, fair enough if you have to put out a few average titles to get some revenue in, but there’s definitely a depressing trend forming. We’re just lucky that when good games do come out of the country, they’re bloody fantastic.

[Thanks Jade]


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