Red Tribe Made A Jumper Movie Game?

Red Tribe Made A Jumper Movie Game?

jumpergame.jpgOr more importantly, someone thought it’d be smart to make a Jumper movie game? Talk about slipping under the radar! This turd from Australian developer Red Tribe came out in February and managed to sink to the bottom of the retail ocean, escaping the notice of even the most hungry of crap game-eating sperm whales.

I hate to go all ghetto on an Oz studio but, damn, 29/100 on Metacritic? Official Xbox Magazine in the UK even went as far as to say it “makes you want to jump off a cliff”. That’s not something you can keep a straight face about and be proud of.

Publisher Atari was cursed with distributing the title locally. Seeing as I never received a review copy, or was sent a single press release about it, I think even the company’s PR smelt Jumper‘s fetid odour on the winds of disaster and consigned the title to the depths of bargain bins the nation over.

What is it with local devs and awful games? I mean, fair enough if you have to put out a few average titles to get some revenue in, but there’s definitely a depressing trend forming. We’re just lucky that when good games do come out of the country, they’re bloody fantastic.

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  • I used to work at redtribe, and can testify that this game was completed in less than four months, and with only about 1/3 of their total staff. This garbage title is at the fault of publishers who didn’t care if the game was even remotely playable themselves. The publishers needed to pay someone to have it finished before the movie came out and wanted to wash their hands of the project even more than we did. Redtribe is a very young company, but I can certify that their talent and technology is coming around, and you’ll start to hear their name used positively in and around their next few titles.

  • @Anonymous: I too hope that Red Tribe will start making some good games, but I’m not going to hold my breath.
    Well, at least not until Chris Mosely goes…

  • I used to work there too. Blame the publisher?

    How about the lazy team who are clueless and simply dont care about quality? RedTribe have proven to the whole world that they simply do not know how to make games.

    You cannot hide from this. The truth is the the truth, and the proof is in the pudding.

  • Wow! This line of conversation seems to be a direct personal attack on Chris Mosely… I would have to wonder what he did to make you so spiteful? Steal your lollypop??

    I would hope that the Australian consumers would get behind their Australian studios and show a little support. Spiteful attacks based purely on a personal difference only lend the industry a bad name and makes us Aussies look like petty, pimple faced little snots with no belief in our own.

    Studios like Redtribe are working toward building a dynamic future for all of us, giving a chance to all the talent here on our shores. Do you really want to jeapardise this future to win a pissing contest?

    Fair enough, the game was poor. Say the game was poor and move on.

  • Chris started Blue Tongue Entertainment and sold it to THQ. He started Redtribe which did tens of millions of dollars. He’s got numerous businesses all successful.

  • Yeah, you definitely don’t need to worry about me 🙂 I’ve done well for myself over the last 25 years in the industry and other ventures, I’ve also put a lot back in also.

    Jumper was an extremely challenging project as the total timeframe allocated by the powers that be, was shorter than most testing timeframes for other games we’ve worked on! There’s a lot more to the story, and it’s never that simple of course. I wish I could divulge more, but you know what business is like! it’s litigious! Suffice to say, the project was a real challenge and we gave it our very best shot with the cards we were handed.

    There were many promises made to us (the whole team) The team that worked on it should be commended for the mammoth effort they put into it. You guys know who you are and what was required. These promises were made in front of the entire company in person, and we believed them at the time.

    But as with all things, we need to start looking to the future, to the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs.

    What I’ve done over the years is interesting, but what you end up doing is much more important!

    If you’re interested in starting your own computer game company and giving it a go, I have a business where you can house your knew game enterprise. For a small weekly rental (leases are monthly) you get access to all the same facilities as REDTRIBE. Computers, equipment the works. Rent a single desk, and as you need more rent more. You won’t be able to do it simpler or cheaper than that.

    So, become a part of it. Show us what you can do. Make the next blockbuster game that puts us all to shame and launches Australian game development into the stratosphere.

    I’m happy to help you in any way I can. The GDAA is also located in our offices along with other game studios. It’s a little hot bed of activity.

    good luck!
    Chris Mosely

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