Manhunt 2 Deemed ‘Objectionable’, Banned By NZ OFLC

Manhunt 2 Deemed ‘Objectionable’, Banned By NZ OFLC

mh_2.jpgNZGamer sends word that Rockstar’s Manhunt 2 has been refused classification by NZ’s ratings board. Like Australia, this means the game cannot be legally sold in, or imported into, the country.

However, unlike Australia, the NZ OFLC has a detailed breakdown of exactly why the game didn’t meet its standards for an M or R rating:

The computer game Manhunt 2 was classified on 12 June 2008 by the Office of Film and Literature Classification as objectionable due to the manner in which it depicts and deals with matters of sex, horror, cruelty and violence.

And that’s just a small sample of what’s available. In fact, there’s a freaking 12-page PDF packed full of reasons for the ban.

I have to ask: why can’t the Australian OFLC have info like this accessible to the public? I know our classification system is backward-arse, but the NZ OFLC makes the Oz one look lazy, half-arsed and just plain shit.

Manhunt 2 [Office of Film and Literature Classification NZ, via NZGamer]


  • That’s a fairly great document that really helps you understand the classification process!

    I like this part in particular: “The Classification Office examined Manhunt 2 and found that the plot was difficult to discern.” 🙂

    I think for the Australian OFLC to follow suit, you’re actually assuming that there are logical reasons for their banning of certain games, and that they’re not just knee-jerk reacting to every rustle or perceived rustle from the bushes.

    But seriously though, they owe the publisher a similar report at least, even if they’re not released to the public. That’s the only way a publisher can seek to appeal an unfair rating by bringing up past findings and the reasoning for them.

  • “I know our classification system is backward-arse, but the NZ OFLC makes the Oz one look lazy, half-arsed and just plain shit.”

    Old news.

    It’s not a game I’d ever consider playing, but really, if you’re going to ban something, tell us why you’re banning the thing. I reckon that the SA Attorney-General needs to pull his thumb out of his arse and permit an R 18+ rating for these games. If every other form of media can do this, why can’t the game?

    Would Manhunt 2, if it were a movie, be classified?

  • what i find most interesting is that the publisher didn’t even submit the game for review – customs seized a pirated copy which the OFLC then classified!

  • After having read through the entire PDF document it appears that the version the NZ OFLC classified was the uncut leaked beta version. I have personally played through both the heavily censored and uncensored beta versions of the game.

    Looks like our classification system is the only one that’s fucked up. Even with an R18 rating in NZ adults are still denied the freedom to choose their own entertainment. Sucks for them. At least we have an excuse.

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