The OFLC Is A Lie

classify.jpgI've been talking with a representative from the Office of Film and Literature Classification. Well, I thought I was, until it was pointed out by said representative that the OFLC doesn't exist.


That's right, it's the Classification Board now. I'm not sure when the change occurred or why, but there's no such thing as the OFLC. I'm guessing it had to do with the fact it classifies more than just movies and books these days. Anyway, from here on in, all our articles regarding the office will refer to it as the Classification Board, not the OFLC.

I've also sent off a bunch of questions to be answered by the board, regarding everything from importation and board reports through to how much say (if any) the board has in classification laws and guidelines. Hopefully, we can clear up some misconceptions about our classification system and the bodies involved.


    Yeah, that change took place months and months ago, perhaps as long as a year ago. It's taken me a lot of practise to stop saying "OFLC".

    They're always going to be the OFLC to me - the same stupid bastards behind it. Unless they changed that too?

    Are their decisions still referred to "OFLC Ratings" though? We can't just call them 'ratings' since there's no way of telling if we're talking about BBFC, NZ OFLC, PEGI, ESRB...

    I call them the ROFLC and will forever, or until the R rating comes in.

    In your list of questions, did you happen to include a request for information on the penalities (if any) and sundry legalities of importing uncensored versions of games or games that are refused classification? I've been writing up a letter to send to (the attorney general?) anyone who might give a damn and want to be able to mention how the current system makes criminals of us all.

    Anyway, from here on in, all my references regarding the office will refer to it as the Censorship Board, not the Classification Board, nor the OFLC.

    Because really, while you decide what we cannot play in this country, make it illegal to import games just because of drug references and disapprove of artist's visions in order to approve cut versions of games, you're censors. I'd like to use the phrase "A rose by any other name..." but your not roses.

    It's a pity the Classification Board don't just classify, but seem to believe they should be a Censorship Board as well.

    OFLC became the Classification board over 2 years ago when they introduced those new coloured ratings... the problem is redirects to you so people are none the wiser

    Also, how stupid are some of you people here? "they don't just classify, they believe they should be a Censorship board as well" - wow did you even read how stupid that was?

    As with all government agencies (I should know, I work for one) we are bound by the laws of the ruling government at the time, and the rules (as archaic as they seem) of the Commonwealth. You people are STUPID if you think all they want to do is censor and ban games/films etc... they WORK WITHIN THEIR GUIDELINES, THEY DONT MAKE THE GUIDELINES UP!

    They have external pressures - lobby groups, the ruling government, nut jobs like Atkinson and nut jobs like some people here who mis-direct their anger at them - that dont make it pleasant for them. They have to, within the limits set by the government, determine whether that game/film etc can be accomodated within the guidelines. Time and time again the Classification Board has shown their own anger at the lack of an R18+ for game, and I for one thank god they have stretched the guidelines of MA several times to accomodate for "R" rated material - and by doing that they have proved to the ruling government and idiots like Atkinson that an R rating is needed.

    They want one too - what makes some of you idiots think that the Classification Board doesnt want an R rating for games?

    It about as stupid as saying the Tax Office deliberately targets welfare cheats instead of going over people who have tax minimisation schemes - they do what the ruling government of the time has told them to do... THATS HOW GOVERNMENT AGENCIES WORK

    Get off your asses, and start lobbying your politicians and newspapers. Bring this to the attention of the media and other organisation. Dont sit here and bitch about the Classification Board playing fucking nanny and being censors - we dont live in China where they really do CENSOR material - we live in a place where WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, but only if you get off your fat fucking ass and off the keyboard and stop bitching like little girls about the situation

    For the record - I have written a letter to my local AG. I received a reply in the mail where he invited me to submit a paper when the issue is open for public discussion. And I will be submitting a paper on it. I am doing it for me and others who want to make a difference though, not for fat fucking wind bags who sit here and cry about the censors and dont have any brains, balls or moti-fucking-vation to do anything about it.

    Ah cool, good work Logan, will be great to calrify some of these issues if possible.

    I don't get why people still blame them for the rules though, even in the comments so far.

    Sure they have a say in how they're APPLIED (as evidenced by the minority still arguing for Fallout 3 to be RC), and 'deciding' that a restriction is applicable to particular content (again, Fallout 3 being considered RC material but - I'd've thought - sufficiently well-depicted painkillers being popped like Pez in Max Payne wasn't), but the restriction itself is still out of their hands (by how much though we'll hopefully see when Logan gets his replies).

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