The OFLC Is A Lie

classify.jpgI’ve been talking with a representative from the Office of Film and Literature Classification. Well, I thought I was, until it was pointed out by said representative that the OFLC doesn’t exist.


That’s right, it’s the Classification Board now. I’m not sure when the change occurred or why, but there’s no such thing as the OFLC. I’m guessing it had to do with the fact it classifies more than just movies and books these days. Anyway, from here on in, all our articles regarding the office will refer to it as the Classification Board, not the OFLC.

I’ve also sent off a bunch of questions to be answered by the board, regarding everything from importation and board reports through to how much say (if any) the board has in classification laws and guidelines. Hopefully, we can clear up some misconceptions about our classification system and the bodies involved.


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