Wrap-o-matic: Tuesday Night

Rumour: Soulcalibur IV Requires Xbox 360 HDD, Needs 8.5GB Of Disk Space On PS3
8.5GB? Ouch. Looks like we’ll have to start uninstalling some of those pre-installs!

Another Resident Evil Movie ‘A Possibility’
Anderson, for the love of all that is holy, just stop. Your movies are awful.

Xbox 360 Getting a 3D Dashboard Make-Over?
As long as it comes with cool cyber-gloves, I’m in.

Blizzard Worldwide Invitiational Wrap-Up
In case you missed all the Starcraft II, World of Warcraft and Diablo III coverage over the last few days.

Diablo Fans Petition Against Diablo III
You would think they’d be happy!

Playing Spore: A Lesson in Teabagging
It’s not about teabagging. Well, not much. It’s more of a hands-on. Okay, that didn’t sound any better.

Activision Boss Wants Cheaper Consoles
Hey Activision, how about cheaper games for Oz first?

Too Human: ‘This Has To Be The Worst Game I’ve Played In The Last 5 Years’
Oh well Silicon Knights, there’s always your next game.


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