Video Ezy Now Does Game Preorders, Imports?

This info comes in via tipster Raze35, who reports that the Video Ezy in Tuart Hill, WA, is not only taking preorders for new games, but doing so competitively. For example, it's doing Fable 2 for $99.95 and Too Human and Force Unleashed for $89. Apparently, you can even pick up preowned copies of GTA IV for $39.95. There's also mention that some preorders include posters and other tidbits.

Apparently the store will be importing titles such as Rock Band for sale and rental.

This improved focus on games may be unique to the Tuart Hill VE, as it recently changed owners. So let us know if your local VE is doing something similar!


    yew yew 6060 ftw

    i heard they are doing Fable 2 Collectors Edition for $99.95 and the standard one for 89 thats pretty cool

    I used to work in a VE a few years ago. Not sure how things work now, but we had an interactive entertainment supplier that would sell us all the latest games as they were released, for us to hire. Occasionally I would order titles in to buy for myself at cost price. I suppose this store is simply making use of selling games to cater for some demand from their customers?

    wasn't it rumoured that rock band wouldn't be released in australia after all? if so, this is great news!

    but how about a solution for us aussies to purchase additional tracks from the US playstation store?!

    @Azurius: I'd rather that than "VD".

    Yes, very uncool.

    ive worked at video ezy in kilsyth, victoria for the last 2 years and we've always been able to preorder games for as long as i can remember. we also had ex-rentals of gta4 for $30 as well as devil may cry 4 for $30

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