Street Fighter IV in Sydney's Galaxy World

Word from intrepid Kotaku reader Andrew Brown is that Street Fighter IV is now live upstairs at Galaxy World at the top of Market City in Sydney. Two machines, linked. Andrew says "it looks like they have imported the boards and put them into Tekken 5 arcade cabinets". Move lists are on the cabinets, and it'll set you back $2 a go.

Anyone swinging by that way, it would be great if you could send us a photo! Thanks for the news Andrew!

UPDATE: Some useful comments on where else you can find some SF IV action around the country. So if you're looking for some game, or know where to find it, check in on the comments.


    There has been a street fighter 4 at the arcade on Queens street in brisbane for a while now, they have tekken 6 there, too.

    There's also one on Galaxy World George and across the road at Timezone in the cinema complex.
    Good luck getting a turn. It's pretty much always occupied. Good to see arcades are still relevant.

    GoodGames has it for 1 dollar a go. Much ebtter place to go.

    There's also a couple of the full Street Fighter IV cabinets at Good Games in Sydney's CBD, who are charging only $1 a game.

    All Sydney players should head to Good Games in Central.
    It is located on Level 1, 857 George St in Central.
    We have SF4 and T6 at AU$1 per game, and also older games like 3S, TTT, A2, ST and the likes, all at $1/ 2games.
    For more info goto

    It's also at Highpoint Playtime, Crown Casino, Box Hill arcade, and Blue House in the city in Victoria.

    Yeah, we've had one in Galactic circus at Crown here in Melb for over a month, in English. And Tekken.

    Just recently unlocked Akuma on there too.

    SF4 has been in Sydney for quite some time now. Both the worldwide SF4 tracker has all locations as well as Australia's own premier Street Fighter community site

    The one in Market City was reasonably empty on Sunday considering the arcade was really full. Didnt have any troubles getting a turn and there were a couple of good players around.

    Saw a match at the Market City one once; Akuma vs. Ryu, so it was almost standard fare. That is until Akuma tried to land a Raging Demon from a jump fairly close to Ryu. Obviously not close enough since he got out of the way and finished him off with a Shin Hadouken.

    We all clapped.


    RyIvan, didn't know about the one in Queen Street, I'll have to drop in next time i'm in town. Cheers.

    It's at Replay on Albert Street, actually - which is just off Queen Street. It's been there maybe three or four weeks now, and I swear the screen has been switched from RGB to composite input or something because it looks worse than it did the week before...

    hi how know wich dance machine is coming soon because they say in 3 week but this is old history . yesterday when I wen to galaxy in town I saw 4 racing game car but its so boring. pls help well I konw is in 2 weeks more now nut I not shor wich one is it..

    ddrchile. djshark

    I played the new Street Fighter IV in Sydney. Its not bad, although brings back the same game play as the original.

    Does any one know where I would be able to find Street Fighter II CAPCOM V X-MEN???

    My opinion is that this was the best Sreet Figher ever.

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