Wrap-o-matic: Tuesday Night

Big Halo news overnight, though more "what might have been" than "get set for teh shiz."

Ensemble Were Working On A Halo MMO Halo MMO Concepts: What Your Sexy Mistress Chief Could Have Looked Like Would Halo have been a golden setting for a sci-fi MMO? Or is Star Trek going to lock that up?

Make Comics, Pop-Up Books, Anything With LittleBigPlanet Is there anything LBP won't do?

Finally, The LEGO Batman Launch Trailer A spot of video goodness while we wait for the local release next month.

Vanguard Still Wants You Back, Won't Stop Calling If you own it, and it's still installed, then why not check it out again? A free re-sniff is hard to ignore (unless you HATED it).

Crysis Warhead Performance Put To The Test Learn what the different graphics levels actually mean in this thing.


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