200 Billion ISK Theft Proves EVE Is Serious Fun

Corporate espionage, backstabbing and thievery is all part of the game in EVE Online. I spent some time in that lush space world, but could never get into the corp scene which is a must if you want to play long-term. But I love hearing the stories of a world where players screwing players is an accepted part of the system, making it a world where you do have substantial investment hanging in the balance.

So the latest big story, spotted at Massively, is the theft of 200 Billion ISK worth of funds and property by one 'thelung187' from his corp, Destructive Influence. Ouch. He apparently had some conscience, leaving 150 Billion cash in their account so they weren't completely screwed. Naturally he is no longer a member of the corp.

There are many more stories of mega heists in EVE that read like excellent true crime stories. Look up the 'EIB Scam' for the biggest ever (a cool 671 Billion ISK).

A 200 billion ISK theft in EVE Online [Massively]


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