Street date broken: Bioshock PS3

Sure it hits the streets tomorrow, but we got this pic on Tuesday. Looks like at least one happy PS3 camper could have already finished it by now. At least the rest of you only have to wait until tomorrow.


    I managed to get mgs4 day early. Happens often when you pre-order.

    I finished it months ago!

    I am sitting at my desk at work with my copy of Bioshock PS3 i just bought in Sydney CBD and I had no idea they had broken the street date. And I snagged the last one. One of the shop guys was holding it but had changed his mind to wait for Dead Space so I got his. LOLZ.

    I was North Sydney EB yesterday and it was selling like hotcakes. Had no idea it wasn't released yet.

    Got SR2 which had an advertised date of today, but was offered in some stores as well.

    great game... a year ago!

    p.s. you were "born" in rapture

    I would have rather gotten Dead Space too.

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