Wrap-o-matic: Best of the Weekend

Wrap-o-matic: Best of the Weekend

LittleBigPlanet Faces Global Recall For Qur’an References
NSider’s Letter To Sony And Media Molecule Re: Qur’an References
Very, VERY big news. Dates have been pushed back by a week in the USA. We’ll hear later this morning from local SCEE reps what the impact will be here.

Blizzard’s Next MMO So Won’t Be World of Warcraft 2
They plan on keeping WoW alive alongside their next MMO. And why wouldn’t you?

First Official SCIV Yoda / Darth Vader Fighting Screens

Is Microsoft Making It Harder For Small Developers?

Cut Warhammer Online Classes Return In December

How’s That Mad Max Game Coming Along, Cory Barlog?
Expect a long wait, folks.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg: We’ll Outsell PS3 Worldwide This Holiday
Them’s fightin’ words!

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