Yahtzee on Silent Hill censorship and the art of horror

Very nice opinion piece up at news.com.au from Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw about the banning of Silent Hill: Homecoming. Yahtzee is a well noted lover of Silent Hill, so I'm sure many have been hoping he would rear his head in the local media to let loose on the local classification regime. But the meat of the story is on the art of horror, and how our culture is the worse for branding this an inappropriate form of entertainment. Being an opinion piece, there are still plenty of Yahtzee classics in store, so there's a few good chuckles for those of us in the choir. I'm sure you don't need more convincing. Go read it already.

Of course, I completely disagree. I mean, look at that picture — there's a kids playground! Ergo, this game is for kids and they must be protected from it.

Video game censorship and the art of horror [news.com.au]


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