WCG 2008 Day 2: Glade Downs Tough Korean in Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3 stepped up to the plate on Day 2, with the unstoppable force of Australia, Andrew 'GLaDe' Pender, wearing the proverbial green and gold (he's a member of Team Immunity, so he's there in the midnight blue hoodie).

After an early loss to a Danish competitor GLaDe should have had the best of, things turned around dramatically with massive wins over WhO from South Korea and nEphBone, who ultimately finished second in the group from the Czech Republic. WhO finished 4th behind our Aussie RTS master, who could have moved through to knock out phase if not for the cheap early loss. But with two notable wins from the tournament, Pender still goes home with some tidy notches to add to his War belt.


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