Did You Receive The Gift Of Gaming?


I didn't. No one gave me a single videogame today. Lucky I dropped by the discount table at EB Games yesterday - after I'd finished shopping for my loved ones, of course - and picked up a few cheap PS2 titles I'd never gotten around to playing. So I gave them to myself. The Thing, SOS: The Final Escape and Silent Hill 4 set me back $40 all up. How'd I do, guys?

Enough about me. What games did you get today?


    A shame. Neither did I >_>

    I feel as if I'm obliged to buy myself something to compensate for lack of gaming, but I think I'll just drown my sorrows in Diablo II.

    My mother, bless her for trying, got me a couple Wii games. However as her picking ability is about on par with those parents who tell EB staff their child wants 'the new Mario on their Playstation 360' I had little faith in anything good.

    Although when I opened up the pressies I was surprised to see that while they were licensed games (Scarface + Star Wars Force Unleashed), they are not that bad. The problem is she failed to doublecheck what games I did have since I got both of these a few months ago. So yea, this leaves me with $165 (yes thats what she paid, I know ripoff!)credit at EB tomorrow.

    uncharted and dead space on ps3 ^_^

    brilliant choices, oh and sennheiser headphones to crank up the atmosphere even more

    awwww jeeeaah!

    Yeah I didn't get any games today.
    Though I gave my brother Skate It for Wii, which I've claimed and played more than him already, so its basically mine.
    I got lots of rupees though, and I'll be buying shit loads of games at tomorrow's boxing day sales :D

    I got Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet.
    I did very well this year in the game department. Unfortunately I didn't want games this year, as I asked for someone else, but at least the games are good so I'm not complaining.

    I got game related stuff: Mic stand and new drum sticks for rock band. Hellz yell!
    playing guitar and singing at the same time is fair rad.

    I got My French Coach (level 2) in DS. Talk about being a h4rdc0re g4m3r!

    My manager gave me a promo copy of Tomb Raider: Underworld. Not bad. I also got Gears of War figurines, which was pretty neat. But my own Christmas present to me was spending over $400 on myself after closing on Christmas Eve.

    Also got a $25 gift card for EB. Well, tecnically about $30 in value, seeing I get employee discount. Merry Christmas everybody!

    360: Katamari, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Tiger Woods 09, Soul Calibur 4. I got 2 copies of Tiger Woods 09, so I'll have to take it back and get Prince of Persia instead :D

    PC: Guild Wars Prophicies Collector's Edition (woo glowy hands finally!)

    I did awesome this Xmas!

    No games yet, but I have scored enough cash to buy 90% of a PS3, so will be shopping when the sales start.

    The Witcher - Enhanced Edition from my wife. What an awesome goddamn pick.

    Nothing, i got some pants, 2 shirts and a cheap wireless mouse.....i got screwed over this christmas! i spent more on one present alone for one other person not including others that cost more than the entire amount i got.

    I got Viking: Battle for Asgard and Infinite Undiscovery. My family know I'm a gamer and know not to get me any title unless I specifically request it, and bless their little cotton socks they got me the last two titles I wanted from 2008. (Got all the rest already!).

    'Course on the downside I knew what I was getting in advance so no surprises :(

    Seasons Greetings from me in Blighty to all of you down under.

    Just the one for me....

    Gears of War 2 from my old man. I was secretly hoping for Dead Space, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2 and Fable II as well. But that would've just been greedy.

    I did not get anything for Christmas or my 21st birthday today. Not even non-gaming items. Bad haul this year.

    I did pretty well this christmas! I got Prince of Persia for 360 and Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii both from my GF (she also got me 3 blu-rays god bless her!) I also got $200 in vouchers that will be spent on games no doubt. I also gave a lot of games as presents. Gave my GF a DS with 4 games and gave my sister Wii Fit. My GF received Viva Pinata on 360 and she gave her sister a couple of Wii games and some DS games to her neices/nephews. So plenty of money spent on games this year!

    Despite my belief that holidays over Christmas are a perfect time to blow the dust off old games (or get stuck into particularly tricky games and complete them) I did buy for myself a copy of New Super Mario Bros for DS and I'm loving it. Plus, I'm a male in my mid-twenties with a full time job, living in my own place, so games are far off Santa's radar

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