Gabe Newell Just Gave A Bunch Of Developers A Free HTC Vive And They Went Nuts

In fairness, if I randomly got a free Vive out of nowhere I'd probably lose my shit a little too.

It's what the Valve CEO called his "Oprah moment". During the Unity Vision summit, Newell appeared on screen to announce three things in relation to Unity.

The first was a fairly simple, but useful one. SteamVR coming to Unity "at no extra charge" is cool. The second was also super useful, and kind of necessary: Valve would also be releasing a renderer plug-in for Unity.

Performance is key for VR, so having a renderer plug-in is pretty important.

But then Newell dipped into his (and Valve's) massive pockets and sent the developer crowd nuts.

The part where the guy screams "WHAT" in the crowd is great. Gabe even riffing on the Oprah meme — "You get a Vive, you get a Vive" — is pretty sweet too.

People like free stuff. Especially if it's likely to cost more than $1000 a pop. (Wonder if they get the Lightroom boxes for free too.)


    Just a shame that, according to their claims to the ACCC, they don't do business in Australia. :c

    Last edited 11/02/16 1:54 pm

      Even though they have Steam content servers in Australia...I know technically that doesnt mean anything but seriously why would they be there if they arent selling us anything?

        Not to mention regional pricing.

    Australia hasn't experienced any Vive love yet :(

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