PS3 Has Best Exclusives, Says IGN AU

PS3 Has Best Exclusives, Says IGN AU
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In a move sure to rile fanboys spark gentlemanly debate, IGN AU has kicked off a 2008 Console Showdown with a head-to-head-to-head comparison of the exclusive titles released on each machine this year. The winner may surprise you… unless you actually read our headline.They assessed each console based on the total number of exclusives and the review scores awarded, but only scores of 7.5 or above were eligible.

Looking at the breakdown of scores, it’s clear that while the PlayStation 3 only has three more exclusives than the Xbox 360, it has quality on its side, with four games scoring 9 or higher, compared to only one on Xbox 360. The Wii, meanwhile, comes in with two. All three systems have exclusive strengths and weaknesses, but if we had to call a winner – and we do – we’d give it to the PlayStation 3: Sony’s system has the highest standard of exclusives, paired with plenty of variety.

But this is just part one of the Showdown. More fanboy angst to come as the feature continues next week!


  • LOL…

    We need to remember here that this is based on scores that IGN have issued themselves for the games. Remember they gave Mirrors Edge 7.4?

    I’ve always been skeptical of IGN scores.

  • it’s utterly stupid to compare the exclusives, because while exclusives may make you look popular and trendy on store shelves,

    they just don’t sell all that well because they cost more, don’t have the same brands, the same coverage or audience, and don’t broadly cater to kids, teens, adults or adults with kids as other console’s games do.

    perhaps ps3’s are doing as well as they can at $700-$800 a console, perhaps not. it’s still a gold brick’s worth of console. i think if you push your exclusives with the same quarter’s lineup in comparison to the same schtick ‘released on 11 other consoles’ EA sequel game, it gets a bit more recognition & familiarity for an undecided buyer.

    but, did i mention they cost more ?

  • Hmmm, ok that has to be the biggest load of shit statement i’ve heard in the gaming world for quite a while. Why didn’t he just add proudly sponsored by Sony.

  • Tarentagore… Its not like it matters why do you care sooo much? Serious I hate fanboys All 3 consoles have strengths and weaknesses. Quoting Yahtzee here “The only reason fanboys exist Is because their mum can only afford to buy them one console”…
    I have a 360 and a PS3. I’m not really surprised with these scores as although the 360 has alot more titles in its library at the moment Quantity doesn’t always beat Quality. And although I do enjoy playing Gears, I am currently quite enjoying playing my PS3 at the moment… Littlebigplanet is just very original and reviewers tend to review original games with higher scores.

  • It is IGN scores, so it’s not an accurate out come. As stated above, they gave Mirror’s Edge 7.4, and Left 4 Dead above 8!

    If you actually play the games, you realise the Xbox 360 is still on top exclusive wise. I can only think of 3 PS3 exclusives that I would actually want…where as there are countless Xbox 360 titles I want.

  • @epilogue. Heh I’m no fanboy, I’m merely stating how pointless the top 10 list is, because they are the ones that scored the games… Lol I didn’t even play Mirrors Edge so I’m not phased that it got a low score.

  • I own both consoles, and the only games I own on PS3 ARE the exclusives… why would I buy multiplatform games on it when the 360 versions have achievements, full game install, all my friends own them for multiplayer ease, usually better optimisation etc? I wouldn’t have even bothered with the PS3 if it didn’t have exclusives…

  • My only beef with that article is that they didn’t include 360/PC exclusives… I play Left 4 Dead on my 360 sitting on my couch.. I can’t play it on my Wii or my non-existing PS3.

    oh and Hot Shots Golf and Buzz TV >= Gears 2 ??? really??

  • @Matty079. What you want is not it matters. It’s about number of exclusives on each console and the score of these exclusives. Countless 360 titles you want? Are you even talking about exclusive 360 titles ONLY? I finished Gears 2 and have to admit its a fun game but not that much of a diff from Gears 1, besides i like it more on the pc than on the 360. and i careless about fable 2….i reckon they are the only 2 on 360 that are worth mentioning.

  • So IGN are basing this on their own scores? If they wanted to be unbiased, they should have based it on the Metacritic scores.

    It’s basically a piece of flame bait, and by posting that type of rubbish it is making a once respected gaming site lose even more credibility.

  • FFS you little douches. Open your eyes and stop dry humping your xbox for 10 seconds to read this.


    PS3 has better quality exclusives, live with it.

    Stupid fanboys.

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