PS3 Has Best Exclusives, Says IGN AU

explodey-tops.jpgIn a move sure to rile fanboys spark gentlemanly debate, IGN AU has kicked off a 2008 Console Showdown with a head-to-head-to-head comparison of the exclusive titles released on each machine this year. The winner may surprise you… unless you actually read our headline.They assessed each console based on the total number of exclusives and the review scores awarded, but only scores of 7.5 or above were eligible.

Looking at the breakdown of scores, it’s clear that while the PlayStation 3 only has three more exclusives than the Xbox 360, it has quality on its side, with four games scoring 9 or higher, compared to only one on Xbox 360. The Wii, meanwhile, comes in with two. All three systems have exclusive strengths and weaknesses, but if we had to call a winner – and we do – we’d give it to the PlayStation 3: Sony’s system has the highest standard of exclusives, paired with plenty of variety.

But this is just part one of the Showdown. More fanboy angst to come as the feature continues next week!


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