Your Favourite Moments From 2008: #1

Your Favourite Moments From 2008: #1

gta iv niko.jpgLast week we asked for your favourite gaming moment of 2008. Not necessarily your favourite game, but rather a vivid, personal anecdote that best encapsulates gaming for you this year.

Plenty of you have written in, however to receive the honour of your own Kotaku post you really need to do more than say how awesome that session of Left 4 Dead was. It’s not too late to send in your entry. Just remember: be creative!Mike (aka HotDamn!) understands how these things work. Here’s his post about GTA IV:

I found this scene in which Niko is confronted with his past, ala Darko being dumped before Niko at Francis International Airport, very moving and a personal highlight for 2008. In this situation things are brought to life regarding what happened back home for Niko. The cut scene that plays out is fraught with serious emotional turmoil for Niko and he’s left with a serious moral decision – to kill this piece of sh*t or let him live and die by his own syringe-gripped hand anyway.

Regardless of the fact that the decision made here has very little bearing on the outcome of the main story, right then and there it’s heartbreaking to hear the truth come out so abruptly. This was “That someone special” Niko has been searching for over most of the adventure. Niko is hurt, angry and full of vengeance. I decided to indeed do the guy a favour and shot him….


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