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Last week saw the Classification Board wisely consider that Australians over the age of 15 were capable of comprehending the mature themes in both MadWorld and GTA Chinatown Wars. You can now add The Godfather 2 to that list after it also ducked under the banhammer, snatching an MA15+ rating along the way.

Over the last seven days, these games have survived the scrutiny of our censors:

Flower (Sony, PS3) – G Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic (Sony, PS3) – PG Imagine: My Restaurant (Ubisoft, DS) – G The Godfather 2 (EA, Multi-platform) – MA15+ Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (Rockstar, DS) – MA15+ Eve Online (Atari, PC) – PG MadWorld (Sega, Wii) – MA15+


  • Thank goodness Imagine: My Restaurant got a G rating! I don’t know how I would have coped if it was banned from Australian shores.

  • That’s surprising. I presume “Imagine: My Restaurant” is somewhat like cooking mama, teaching you how best to chop things with kitchen knives. That should have been the first one to be banned. You might as well give the kid a chainsaw and teach them how to use it on unsuspecting elderly folks.

  • @ cs

    However, whether or not the game (GF II) will actually be any good remains to be seen. For something that’s coming out so soon, there’s been very little coverage. The trailers have been meh…

  • Lets see how the rest of the world rated The Godfather 2 Game.

    BBFC: 18
    ESRB: M (Mature 16 and over)
    PEGI: 18+
    USK: 18

    Australia loves to let 15 year olds play adult games. We might as well lower the drinking and driving age to 15 as well since they are classed as adults… 1 man in S.A believes all 15 year olds should be playing adult games. He is just too stupid and mixed up to understand. Just sack him already, he has no idea.

  • Does anyone know if Tiger Woods 2010, or Fifa 2010 have passed classification? I’m getting worried as I havent heard anything yet… *sarcasm*

  • I wonder how much of each of these games the board plays before they decide what rating to give it. Wouldn’t it be great if Ubi slipped in a massive cock right at the end of Imagine: Babysitters or whatever. G rating, all the way!

  • I hate to be the one to point this out since it’s a bit of a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory… but does it strike anyone as odd that the games that the OFLC went after recently were all well-known game series? GTA, Soldier of Fortune, Fallout, Silent Hill… the only one I remember getting RCed which wasn’t an established name already was Dark Sector. Also Dead Space getting through where Silent Hill didn’t should raise some eyebrows too, since it’s a game that has dismemberment as its core mechanic, and it has some remarkably gory and violent bits. But no power drills.

    I’d really love to know the specifics of how they operate. What do they actually do to classify a game?

  • I have come to the conclusion Micheal atkinson is actually the devil, his real goal is to let children play violent games hence why he keeps the rating stuck at MA15 so the worst games won’t be restricted, he knows that games will be censored but he alos know that they can be pacthed/pirated imported too and the level of content being censored is far outweighed by the amount being put in the wrong classification.

  • .. and according to some US podcasts Godfather 2 has full frontal boobage shown in the strip club in the game…. what the hell? maybe the OFLC have removed the stick from their collective asses, either that or they are still on xmas leave & the janitors are filling in for them….

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