GAME Catalogue Reveals Some Bargains


After JB Hi-Fi's disappointingly bargain-free January catalogue, it's now GAME's turn to try to sway our consumerist affections. And, hey, there's a few decent prices in here. A PS3 and a copy of LittleBigPlanet for $649? Okay. A Wii and a copy of de Blob for $388? Sure. The entire PS2 Singstar collection for $29 each? OMG PLS TAEK ALL MAI MUNNY NOAW!

Other choice deals include:

Trackmania (NDS) - $39

Far Cry 2 (360, PS3) - $79

Saints Row 2 (360) - $79

Saints Row 2 (PS3) - $69

Soul Calibur IV (360) - $69

Soul Calibur IV (PS3) - $79

God of War (PSP) - $19

Killzone: Liberation (PSP) - $19

Daxter (PSP) - $19

Assassin's Creed (360, PS3) - $29

HDMI cable - $17

Dawn of War: The Complete Collection (PC) - $49

The deals end January 25.


    Speaking of bargains, I picked up an Xbox Live Vision camera (including headset, 1 month of gold and the Uno XBLA game) for $30 at Big W just now. Not sure if this was a mistake, but I expect to see them selling out at Eastland in Ringwood very soon.

    wtf is up with all the lolcat crap in kotaku?

    Those are some pretty average prices. I work at Harvey Norman and we've been running the PS3 deal at $648 for a while now as well as a big games sale. We have Far Cry 2 at $63 (PS3 and 360) and Prince of Persia at $68 just for a couple of examples :)

    I dig the lolcat crap. It's fun.

    Not in their catalogue, but last time I was in their store, they had DeBlob running at $29 or something similar, I picked that up as it was a sweet deal.

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