JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Reveals Few Bargains

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There's a new catalogue out from JB Hi-Fi. Let's see if there are any good deals to be had. Hmm... Dead Space, Mirror's Edge and Need for Speed: Undercover for $59 each? Not bad, except that's still far too much money for the terrible NFSU. How about a bunch of decent PSP games for $18? And that's really about it, as everything else is pretty much hovering around the recommended retail price. Have you spotted any bargains in the post-post-Xmas sales?

[JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Until January 25th via Ecogamer, thanks AusGAF!]


    Just rang them after I saw the 360 GHWT Band Kit went from PREORDER NOW! to NOW AVAILABLE! - Turns out it ain't. Anyone know of any in stock?

    Would have been a much better story if you had mentioned the almost store wide price increases on all games by a minimum of $5 and up to $30 on titles such as fallout 3.

    Hey weren't you EIC @ Hyper or PC PowerPlay?

    I was a little shocked at some of the prices in the catalog which are much higher than they usually are at JB. E.g. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is advertised as $104.95, but in my local store it's still something like $79 or $89.

    JB lost their shit with this catalogue and my respect as a decent shop to buy games from.

    Well, just picked up Dead Space for $59, which is a pretty damn good deal considering it was just listed ay $79. Traded-in the 'totally awesome' Turok and end up only paying $35. Woo.

    Got Mirror's Edge for $50 at EB. They had a 50% off sticker over the normal $30 off sticker. Finished it in 3 sittings.

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