Harvey Norman Catalogue Reveals Several Bargains

harvey catalogue.jpg

Oh yes, it's catalogue time again. We've done JB Hi-Fi and GAME, now we're off to Harvey Norman for some bargain hunting. What's this? Far Cry 2 for only $63? Sold! That same bunch of first-party PSP games that everyone else is flogging cheap, but here they're $2 cheaper? Sold again. Some crappy Jamie Oliver DS shovelware for $44? No thanks.


    Prince Of Persia for $68?

    Yes please.

    far cry 2 is a dog and anyone who has the misfortune of playing that painful, awful game should be paid for the privilege, not the other way around.

    Don't be fooled by the appeal of R-Type being bundled with headphones + psp remote. I grabbed the same brand at Dick Smith and the buttons on the remote don't even work properly. I took it back the next day and my mate who works there tried the 2nd pair they had in stock on his PSP, both were not working.

    Then again, if you just want R-Type Tactics for $39 who am I to question you.

    OMG!!! Finally I can purchase Babysitting Party!

    @ Rob_Jedi

    Burnout Paradise is pretty awesome.

    Just went to HN. FIFA 09 is $66 not $45 (even when they scanned it). Maybe it's 08/misprint, there were not catalogues in store for me to check.

    @ Greg

    Yeah, in that picture, it's FIFA 2008 at $45. Both 2008 and 2009 (at $66) are in this catalogue... all the damn FIFA covers look so similar.

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