Bargain Hunter: A Spartan Price Tag

You know that Halo: Reach Collectors Edition we showed you yesterday? That's right, this one. You know it it's $129.95 RRP? Well, it's not at Harvey Norman.

Preorder at Harvey Norman and you can get the Collectors Edition for a mere $98. That's the same price as the standard game.

This deal is in their current catalogue, which ends July 25. Not sure if this preorder price will continue beyond that date.

Who's biting?


    Very very tempting. I generally don't buy games nowadays for more than $69 and a lot of times wait until they are $40-50. This is due to having a backlog of games to get through and if I can wait a month or two and get the game for half the original price while still playing awesome games makes sense to me. Still, I really really like that artbook. Sigh*

      It's not just an art book - it's supposed to be a mock-up of Halsey's journal, so it will also include some awesome new Halo story material.

        Thanks for the info. I like it even more now.

    That's pretty damn impressive - but yeah, not for me

    Im happy with my Legendary Edition pre order :)

      As will I.
      I'm a bit of a sucker for special editions and suchlike, and that statue just calls out to me.

      As am I. I've had a lot of enjoyment out of Bungie, and I couldn't pass up the big box on their way out of the franchise. I don't think it's worth the cash, but I'm still buying the sucker. D:


    I've got enough crap stashed away in my cupboards already with all this tosh.
    UK preorder for me, I'll wait 10 days for delivery and pay $65 thanks. I'm pretty sure Mafia 2 will be keeping me busy.

    I've learnt something about pre-orders recently. Wait till the second day. You've probaly pre-ordered through EB, so the price is max RRP, but you can have them price match the next day when you know where all the bargins are.

    I wish I did this for Transformers WFC, $80 when I picked it up Monday due to early release, $60 by the time I got home. EB only ordered Pre-Order stock of this game (Let's be honest it's great and I love it, but it's not a sequel to a well established franchise.) and so there 7 day policy didn't apply to the store I purchased from because they where out of stock.

    You can preorder the Legendary Edition from for around AUD$140-50 delivered. You can make it even cheaper by signing up to their Newsletter and using a coupon.

    The price on the website is NZD$189.95 (usual Fishpond discounting), but at checkout when you select Australia it comes down to NZD$168.xx (because I think they remove GST). You have to add delivery which is NZD$9.95 and then you can also use a Fishpond coupon such as 'HELPFISH34' ($5off) to bring the cost down further + $1 credit for signing up to their newsletter.

    Still after converting at the current exchange rate the cost is around the AUD$140-50 mark delivered which is a saving of around AUD$70-80 off the price of retailers here.

    Also as an aside the RRP of Microsoft published games in the AU-NZ market are the same, except the Kiwis pay in NZD. Its really noticable on something like the Legendary Edition where after conversion you are essentially paying AUD$40 more in Australia than the Kiwis. So we in Australia are again getting the short end of the stick when it comes to games pricing.

    Halo: Reach Legendary Ed (FishpondNZ) -

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