Melbourne DJ Samples Videogame, Scores Hit

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I'm told if you've been listening to Triple J recently, you'd have heard this guy. His name's Nick Thayer. He's been getting loads of airplay after sampling a quite well-known videogame for his track "Super Too Short". Thing is, I just can't quite place it... It's definitely one of those platforming dudes. Not Sonic. Maybe Spyro? Bubsy? Mr Nutz? No, that's not it, I just wanted to write "Mr Nutz".

How about you listen to it on Nick's Myspace page and decide for yourself.

[Thanks Brendan!]


    It's hard to tell if Mr. Wildgoose is actually kidding or whether he missed the eighties all together. Try humming the tune at your next family gathering, you might be lucky enough to not get invited to any more after that.

    Is it really that hard to tell...?

    EASY ONE! Is Zelda theme. I think Zelda is a pretty cool guy...

    Song wasn't that great IMO.

    Don't be ridiculous. It's not Zelda. It's Aero the Acrobat.

    It's not that it's hard to tell, my magic mushrooms have just worn off and I can no longer roll fire. Woe is me.

    holy shit DeathWorld Veteran

    um, I am the only one that thinks 'poor effort' ?? He basically just played the song unchanged, then added some (imo) unwelcome lyrics.

    I'm off to go track down the real song.... and a copy of the game :)

    Think plumbers and it will come to you

    This Nick Thayer character must be a graduate of the Kanye West school of hip-hopistry: Take a song, slow it down a bit, add some Fully Sick(tm) beats, a dash of lyric and beat the lot into submission. Serves one easily amused generation.

    you guys are just pissed that he thought of it before you and is making a killing ;)

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