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If you're like me, you take pride in your games collection. You display them on a shelf in a prominent location in your home - and you insist on keeping them in alphabetical order. What's that? You don't? I see. Or rather, I don't see. Which is why I want you to send me photographic proof. I want you to snap some pics of your personal collection and send them in. This'll be fun, trust me.

You don't need a collection like this guy to show it off. Perhaps you have an entire shelf of Neo Geo carts or every game ever developed by Treasure? Perhaps you have crates full of old Saturn games or every Star Wars game ever released? Perhaps you hoard peripherals and have to wade through various guitars, dance mats, fishing rods, vibrating chairs and other paraphernia just to turn on your PS3? Or perhaps you have a fetish for Ubisoft's Imagine range on DS?

It doesn't matter! Send them all in!

The idea is I'll choose a collection every week and post it up for every other Kotaku reader to scrutinise. I'll also offer up my own expert critique of your purchasing habits. Just make sure it's possible to discern what games are in the photos and provide some details of the collection highlights in your email.

Go on, do it. I really want to make this a regular Kotaku AU feature. So get snapping!


    Show me yours and I'll show you mine!

    hmm this sounds like a good excuse to sort the collection out and put all the old N64 carts back in their boxes I stored away in the garage.

    David, you don't seriously alphabetise your games?! Do you?

    @ Nic Healey

    Of course not, that was a joke. Yeah, a joke...

    There's something odd about alphabetising your games collection? Mine all are, and grouped by platform! My friend said it was pretty silly. He's dead now. Poor guy, I swang the cricket bat too hard.

    I have modest collection. I don't just buy shit.

    I tend to arrange my titles in a jumbled sequence

    i have a modest collection. i don't just buy shit.

    i order my games a shuffled order:


    My 360 games are alpha'ed.

    I embrace my OCD tendencies :)

    Wowww beatiful

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