What Are You Playing This Weekend?


It's Saturday. That means the weekend is here. And that means we have two whole days of uninterrupted gaming ahead of us. So what are you going to be spending time with? Tell us.

Me? I'm about to pop Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts into my 360, having recently downloaded and enjoyed the XBLA re-release of the original. Something light and breezy and full of collectibles is exactly what I'm in the mood for right now. If you've played Nuts & Bolts already, feel free to jump into the comments with some tips and advice for me.


    I think I'll whip out my N64 and play some original. My favourite game of all time. Unfortunately, I don't have a 360, so I'm rather jealous, but fingers crossed for a PC port.

    My recently purchased Far Cry 2 on 360 is what I'll be spending time with. (Only $69.95 AUS at Target!)

    Working my way through the Independent Games Festival finalists, or at least as many as can actually be played or watched.

    I'll be continuing my Fallout 3 adventure.

    I'm going to be drafting up a new ending for Prince of Persia after quitting the game a few moments before its final closing.

    You'll see why once you've played it.

    Finishing off the last few achievements in midnight club LA

    Gt: cheezbrgr

    Popular post, this one!
    I'm playing Rock Band 2, which I imported from the states. But the Australian DLC doesn't work, which would be ok, cause i still have rock band, but the guitar hero world tour drums don't work on rock band. So yeah. It sucks. But still, it's worth not having the DLC, to play a game infinitely better than GHWT. Even RB1 pwns GH!

    Farcry 2, in between moving stuff around to move (eventually) into my Very First House.

    Metal Gear Online, Bioshock and Resistance 2. (even though my connection speed sucks ass).

    The listings for a Sydney paper -- the best kind of game there is.

    COD4 as usual

    Nothing really, started playing Phantom Hourglass again, and thinking about heading back into Everquest

    ill finally be playing my pes 2009 copy i got for christmas hehz
    havent had a chance till this weekend to have some free time.
    Btw any1 playing ChronoTrigger on Ds?! if i had that thats wat id be playing even while at work !

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