Job Ad: Calling All Web Designers

Kotaku is hiring. Or, more accurately, Allure Media, the Sydney-based company that publishes Kotaku, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Babble and Defamer AUs, is hiring. We're looking for a part-time web designer to do all that clever design stuff that us editors have no idea about. Photoshop, Flash, HTML and CSS skills are vital. If that sounds like you, check out the ad on Seek.


    Bah! It'd be a dream job if it weren't in Sydney!

    Damn it! *thinks about moving to Sydney* ... fuck!

    Dang, I can code php, css, html, actionscript (sometimes needing to make reference to snippets of code)

    If only I lived in Sydney and wasn't studying in Melbourne.

    Can I put in a request that you fix up the Mobile version of the au site? I mainly view Kotaku now on my iPhone, and the US site is set up well but had some bugs that render some articles unviewable. However, the AU site is set up poorly, the text is tiny, tiny, and zooming just means you have to constant move the screen around to read the whole line from left to right, it sucks.I'm certain the text used to be bigger than this but recently changed to become ridiculously tiny.

    An advantage the AU mobile site has though is that the US one only keeps two pages of articles viewable. I tend to view the US site first, then the AU one for local spots I missed and to scroll further back to anything no longer displayed on the US site.

    The other lame aspect of AU Mobile kotaku is that the comments are not visible. I'm not sure why the two sites are displayed so very, very differently. I can only view AU comments by getting on a computer, the US-site ones are fine though.

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