Lost And Damned, Found And Redeemed Tonight

gta the lost and damned screenshot 20090217.jpg

Rockstar just sent me a download code for the GTA IV DLC, The Lost and Damned. Oh, and they also sent word that it'll go live on, er... Live at 7pm EST this evening. I'll be checking it out. Will you?


    Aaaaaargh! Damn my useless wireless connection and lack of Xbox Live membership!!!

    Do a review for this one, yeah? Something to keep me warm outside the DLC exclusive tent...

    Oh yes indeed.....

    Topped up my account with 2000 M$ points a couple of hours ago. Huzzah!

    Reckon Live will go into meltdown at 7:05pm though?

    It's good to do a reminder like this as i can imagine most people being busy with their broken street date street fighters... although i a haven't seen it in Adelaide -_-

    I'll wait and see if it works on the R rated version, thankyewverimuch.

    DONAR: The full uncut version (PC) was also given an MA15+. Go figure.

    any word on DL size dave?

    Hell yeah. I was fortunate to see an earlier build so I'm looking forward to playing the final version. And, uh, hello free mutiplayer.

    No. As much as I loved GTAIV, there's something about the biker angle that doesn't appeal to me at all. Tonight's gonna be all about... sunshine, lollipops and-- no wait, Street Fighter IV. That's the one.

    Re: Chock

    It's 1.78 GB, and currently transfering at XBL's familar, glacial clip.

    FYI, the multiplayer update patch turns an imported R version of the game into the MA15 version.

    You have to go into the HD screen and press Y, then X,X,LB,RB,X,X to remove it...but this will remove ALL downloaded game updates.

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