New Series Of Good Game Starts Tonight

New Series Of Good Game Starts Tonight

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I might have mentioned this already – in fact, I might have started to do this same joke before, too – but did you know Good Game TV is back on air tonight? Oh, you did. You probably read about it earlier. Huh. Anyway, Jung was kind enough to drop me a note to sneak preview tonight’s episode, so here it is.


  • Sorry, but whenever I try and watch this program, I find that after about 5 minutes of them mugging for the camera I am almost at the edge of my tolerance, and then they measure something in rubber chickens – which means I have to change the channel.

    They aren’t fundamentally bad hosts – when they actually get into a story they are fine, but the painful attempts at being “wacky” are terrible. The gaming demographic is well and truly grown up now (the average age is hovering around 30 from memory) and it would be great if the media aimed at us did the same.

  • DAMN IT! I just missed it :'( Luckily they PodCast it though 😀
    Thanks for the heads up though 😀 I thought it might be next week but I was wrong…

  • I dont realy like good game all that much.
    It’s as if they TRY to piss you off with their tasteless jokes.
    Their review scores are hard to take in aswell.
    Hopefully they will be a little more entertaining and agreable this year.

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