What's On Good Game Tonight?

Good Game tonight! Behold, we bring you reviews, interviews and wacky give-aways:

* We bow down to your requests and unearth our review of Minecraft * Samus speaks! In Metroid: Other M * Annnnnnd the epic sequel that is Valkyria Chronicles 2

Also – we managed to corner one of the Bungie Devs recently who worked on Halo: Reach He shares is thoughts on whether or not he thinks Reach will serve as a solid final Bungie contribution to the Halo franchise.

Annnnnd we have a bizarre and exciting prize to give away... you could win “Brian”. He’s life-size. He’s scary. He’s rare. He’s... bloody expensive... and he could be yours. Watch the show tonight for details...

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Til next week, Hex


    Cool beans.

    Im watching for Minecraft.

    What about F1 2010?

      Disappointed it's not getting more coverage, too. Some nice features around, but a lot of the reviews are half-arsed.

        most for the games they review they do it half ass job but the last guy they had did a really good job and rated it properly

    What aboot Halo Reach?

      This show always seems to be at least a week behind the release schedule in terms of reviews.

        Making a TV show and then getting it to air is obviously a length process.

        The show would be shot on, say, the Thursday or Friday before it's aired (if not perhaps even earlier). That doesn't leave much time to play and write a review for a game that came out the week before the show airs if the distributor hasn't been kind enough to send an advance copy.

          It doesn't seem like they ever get review code any more. I haven't seen a review for a game that has not been released in months (talking about AAA titles here). In fact, most cases I have played the game before GG does!

    What about Civ V?

      Probably waiting for the released version - Apparently you could only play the official version at the head office or sponsored events.

      They're reviewing it right now.


    hey guys if your after f1 2010 reviews head to gamerankings.com they have a couple of really good ones on there.

    "Annnnnnd the epic sequel that is Valkyria Chronicles 2" wasn't it Valkyria Chroncles 3 that was recently announced?

      Yes, but I'm guessing they are reviewing the recently released Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PSP :)

      VC3 just got announced, but VC2 only just came out.

    I am pretty sure there is a UN convention banning the use of the word "wacky" in public. It and "zany" were considered a war crime.

    Damn I finally started to forget this show existed, but here it is again D:<

    "you could win “Brian”..."

    ...our failed attempt at a comedy robot! We should have hired Baxter from Perfect Match instead!

      I don't think you know who Brian is... they're talking about their zombie statue.

    I made a search engine for games for all Australians:


    I was frustrated with how long I was spending searching around for a good price, so I spent the time making the site instead.

    Pretty handy in the end, so I thought I would share.

    Brian would only be a suitable prize if it was chock full of explosives and we actually got to watch it explode in super slo mo.

    This goes double for the writer who came up with his dialogue, repeatedly hitting a brick wall with my head would provide more comedic appeal than that robots dialogue.

    minecraft! nuff said.

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