What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Goichi Suda occupies the more bizarre end of the gaming spectrum. With Killer 7 and No More Heroes, he delivered more knowing winks and self-referential nods than even Hideo Kojima would dare. Flower, Sun & Rain, the recently released DS adventure, adds another post-modern quip to Suda51's repertoire.

It begins with a lengthy cut-scene showing our hero Sumio Mondo driving along a highway to an island resort. The highway is barren but for Mondo's car. The fixed cameras track the vehicle hurtling down the road, switching perspectives again and again and again. It goes on forever and represents one of the stranger game openings I've experienced. Just when I was ready to switch the game off, Mondo arrives at his destination - an airport - and the story begins... in an enormous and seemingly empty carpark. Suda's already managed to intrigue me while simultaneously upsetting my expectations of how games are structured. Flower, Sun & Rain is how I'll be spending my weekend. How about you?


    Very spoilt for choice this weekend - finishing up Killzone 2, as well as getting in some more quality SF4 time. Maybe even getting into the Fallout 3 expansion which I missed while my 360 was getting repaired ... it's a great time for games right now!

    Going through my Xbox 360 titles and found Rainbox Six 2 which I haven't played yet. So that's what I'm doing, shooting bad guys with ma silencers on.

    Is Flower, Sun & Rain any good? I can't quite let go of my desire to play it, despite the crappy reviews/my low, low income.

    going to try to play some KZ2 online but cant get past 931 and 10002 errors. a bad start for a flagship title.

    Killzone 2, some Killzone 2, maybe some Dragon Quest 8, then probably some more Killzone 2.

    i can't find even a listing for flower sun and rain anywhere inm australia, but this is the 2nd review ive seen, after jason hill's review in the age a few weks back.... is it available locally?

    I love Suda 51's stuff. He's one of the few developers who really challenges my perceptions of gaming. Unfortunately, I promised myself not to buy any new games until I finish all the ones I haven't finished.

    Fortunately the game I haven't finished yet is de Blob. Nothing like playing an awesome game for the first time, I just know I'm going to be sad when I finish it.

    Probably just catching up on some games I haven't quite completed to 100% on the 360.

    The Lost and Damned... all the way. I've nearly completed all the races and am halfway through the gang wars. No one's gonna stop me and my hog from avenging %$^'s death ;)

    Getting into Mirror's Edge having picked it up for $30. Enjoying it immensely so far, though only two levels in.


    @ alakazak : I hunted around for WEEKS looking for this game, I really didn't want to import from the UK (expensive). Finally after 2 weeks, JB Hifi finally had some in stock (Bourke St, Melbourne).

    EB Games (shudder) hadn't even heard of it, not surprised. But keep calling JB, they should have some in stock by now. It's a fantastic game!

    I finally got Dawn of War 2 working, so played that. No thanks to Relic or Steam of course- Steam still refused to download the latest updates for me- I had to resort to downloading the patches for the game via torrents, the patches being used by pirates to update their versions. Those worked a treat and Steam let me play the game. Robin Hood saves the day...

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