Capcom on Sheva: “There’s Nothing Overly Sexualised With Her”

Capcom on Sheva: “There’s Nothing Overly Sexualised With Her”

When MTV’s Multiplayer blog asked Resident Evil 5 cinematic director Jim Sorenzo how much Capcom want to focus on Sheva to appeal to male gamers, Sorenzo said they deliberately wanted to avoid portraying her in a sleazy fashion.

“It was never any agenda or any directive to do that from Capcom. And from my personal taste it was always to just keep it not sleazy and not cheesy. We were both in-sync in keeping her as cool and interesting as a character as possible and not going to the sex vibe in my opinion,” said Sorenzo.

Above is a screenshot of the just-revealed unlockable costume for Sheva. Draw your own conclusions.

‘Resident Evil 5? Cinematic Director Says Capcom Has Been Sensitive About Race In Game [MTV Multiplayer]


  • That is an unlockable costume though, it’s not like she looked like that through the whole game. The fact that she doesnt look like that by default just supports Sorenzo’s comments.

  • @warden

    She first appears in a cut-scene where the camera is trained on her arse. Moments later when you find your first weapon, there’s a cut-scene where Sheva loads her pistol with the camera trained on her chest.

  • dont forget the boob locater!
    But seriously, the only way to not make her sexy is to completely replace her with a biggest loser contestant. and no one would want that eww *shivers

  • As both a female gamer and a long-term RE fan, I have no problem with Sheva. The Resident Evil girls have always been hot, and there’s always been one skimpy alternate costume for them. Jill’s boob tube and miniskirt, or Rebecca’s leather pants anyone? There’s nothing new about it.

    It would be nice to see some exploitation of the boys every now and then to balance it out, though. How about catering to your female audience as well, Capcom?

    • Are Leon, Chris, and Wesker not good enough? =P
      I prefer them like they are instead of skimpy costumes. That would certainly weird me out.

    • Oh my god, Capcom, You have an absolute idealist here, Hire her now. You are so right. It tends to be that the male audience get some kind of sexual figure playing games, Why not give a male character a thong ?. Although I do prosume capcom is taking some action, with the Chris road warrior costume. But I mean with all the girls and Mini-skirts, we deserve Wesker, Leon etc. in some of these outfits. Funn ;] And, you, It doesn’t bother us when the girls wear this stuff, so you should shut up and be a good boy, And let capcom throw in some topless men.

    • Hear hear Fiannan. As a girl gamer myself I too don’t have any problems with the women and how Capcom dresses them, its a game afterall and not my 11 year old daughter, so I couldn’t really give two toffees.

      However, I do think the guys get plenty of work on them (especially Leon ¬¬). They’re gorgeous male creatures and to be honest there’s not much you can really do with them.

      I say more fun costumes! Put Chris in a Robby the Rabbit costume or Leon in a latex policeman gear. Or Wesker in a dominatrix costume. Make us giggle pls Capcom!

  • Wow, body paint, leopard skins and dressed like some sort of “jungle savage.”

    Nope, nothing racist here. Shame capcom didn’t release pictures like these of Sheva BEFORE the game’s debut.
    I’m sure these pictures would have quieted all those folks who said the game is racist.

    You shitheads who defend this game oughta get out of your mother’s basement and get a brain.

    better yet, get a job!

    • I suppose you would be happier if she was wearing a casual business suit? The humor in all of this is that most of the posts are probably made by white folks.

  • @joe
    maybe you need to learn what the term racist actually fucking means
    did you ever consider that the leopard print may be part of a theme? like an AFRICAN theme? you know, the country the game takes place? also the country where you find animals, like fucking leopards??

  • I really think this is funny, the fact that male gamer that don’t want to look like perves say she’s respectful and doesn’t deserve it, and the perves sayong she has “supple panties” She’s a pixelated character 😐 You people shouldn’t feel anything towards her because she’s made of pixels!
    I think everyone knows that this outfit is sleazy and cheesy, so Capcom was obviously trying to depict her as a sexual figure, I’m really sure Sheva doesn’t mind one-millioln geeks drooling over her.
    Jesus, people. It’s just a game, the woman can’t be a slut or anything but a graphic for that matter. And, men. You should be ashamed of yourselves if you think this is sexy>:[.

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