Club Nintendo Launches In Australia

Club Nintendo Launches In Australia


Sure, you could access Club Nintendo yesterday, but today is the day of the official Australian launch. Wii and DS owners can sign up at the new Club Nintendo site and start calculating how many more Nintendo products you’ll have to buy in order to afford the five rewards currently on offer.


  • GREAT!!! Oh wait, I would sign in, I did try, but unfortunately the process has killed mine log in and a lot of other peoples sign in details along with their already entered codes, which many people have thrown away!!! Good job Nintendo!

  • Ironically, Nintendo was just award “Disappointment of the Year” by popular vote in the issue of Hyper Magazine that went on sale this week.

    I’ve lost my registration cards and patience, as well as selling off my Wii and DS. Thanks Nintendo, it’s been great. I’ll get back to you some time later maybe, tell me how that $300 DSi works out for you.

  • Good point Christian, why the hell did I bother entering them in the first place?

    Well, better get down to EB and raid some boxes. I want the Mario hand towel so I can do a more appropriate facepalm next time a peripheral is released.

  • Well I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I first entered my codes when I got each new Nintendo game. Unfortunately I’d assumed I didn’t need the little slips with the codes anymore since I was informed I’d be able to use those points when the service went live.

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