First Aussie-Made DSiWare Title Has You Battling Giant Squids

pop dsiware screen 1.jpg

IGN AU has the first look at the first - certainly that we know of - Australian-developed title for the Nintendo DSi's downloadable games service. From the awesomely-named NNOOO studio, it's called Pop+ Solo and promises to be a bigger, better sequel to Pop, last year's WiiWare puzzle game.

Among numerous new features, including five new mini-games and the ability to customise challenges, the highlight is surely the boss fights. Says IGN's preview:

Bosses play off the aquatic setting nicely, pitting your stylus skills against a gigantic ink-squirting squid, a screen-blocking starfish and more. The squid, as with the other bosses, wasn't finalised during our preview session with the game, but the idea is clear - it zips around the screen and hinders your popping rhythm, and you need to tap that sucker out of existence.

Sucker. Geddit?

DSi First Look: Pop+ Solo [IGN AU]


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