What Are You Playing This Weekend?


I've returned to Valkyria Chronicles this week. I'm trying to hit all those S Ranks, some of which just seem utterly impossible without going through the tedium of saving every turn and reloading if you miss a shot.
Also on my playlist for this weekend are the Broken Sword DS remake (I've just played through the new prologue and it really seems like the perfect port), the new Harvest Moon for DS (I haven't looked at a Harvest Moon game for about six years, so I'm curious to see how the series has progressed, if at all), and a quick blast of House of the Dead: Overkill (because it's so awesome).

How about you? What's on your weekend playlist?


    I aim to attempt to finish Prince of Persia, despite working all weekend. Might get a little GTA:CTW done in my lunchbreaks.

    I've been playing through the PC version of Mass Effect, to prepare myself for the 2nd game (if I indeed end up playing it)

    valkyria chronicles and gta chinatown wars are my non-portable and portable games at the moment. broken sword is in the to-play pile. i've also just discovered katamari for mobile phone. it's actually not too bad. getting excited for katamari ps3.

    I'm stuck at work all day watching things happen. Trying to get involved in Chinatown Wars. It's fun but doesn't quite seem to hold my attention - I'll attempt one mission and then put it down for a while.

    Left 4 Dead and Worms on the XBLA are taking up the rest of my slack time.

    I'm tempted into pulling out Disgaea 3 after reading that it got trophy support in Japan, although Ace Attorney 4 is calling me to finish her.

    Broken Sword DS really is the perfect port. I just finished it last night, and I have no complaints. Everything works perfectly.

    If you want to get into Harvest Moon on the DS, I'd recommend the Rune Factory series.

    It's a spinoff of the series by the longtime producer of Harvest Moon, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, made for the 10th anniversary of Harvest Moon and it's much better than the 'proper' Harvest Moon games on the DS. Not only is the farming game better, but there's strong Zelda like RPG/dungeon crawl element as well. It's known as "Harvest Moon where you wield a sword."

    Playing a whole bunch of indie games from the Steam sale too, good fun.

    Ok, i have waiting for this segment so i can have a rant and also warn other fallout 3 players not to download the 'the 'pitt' it is a complete rip off and waste of time. It looks gorgeous but is way too short. i downloaded it last night and finished it within on hour. i expected it to be something like 'underworld' and found it completely lacking. the is about 20 slaves and about as many guards with about 6 people to talk to. it contains two very simple missions; collect some stuff and kill some guy. i want my bloody money back, DO NOT BUY IT!

    Harvest Moon Series see! Harvest Moon DS you next

    new Harvest Moon game

    I just beat Rasberyl on Disgaea 3 for the first time, I finally "get" this game, I'm immersed in it. Will try and get Rune Factory soon, since I like Harvest Moon but this version looks interesting. I think I might be turning into an unholy corecasual gamer hybrid from the halls of Evil Academy!

    A bit of Resident Evil 5 on Friday, Midnight Club LA (put it down sometime ago.. and even though I haven't downloaded it yet, the DLC is a good reason to get back into this racer, after a day of repetitive monotony at work it's a sure fire way to get you on the edge of your seat). Then a bit of Rhythm Tengoku and GTA: Chinatown Wars before bed.

    Far Cry 2.

    Far Cry 2, picked it up cheap on Steam.

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