What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Skyward Sword. I’m so close to the end. I think. Hopefully this weekend I’ll manage to knock it over and move on with my life! But what what are you guys planning to play this weekend?

Despite enjoying Skyward Sword quite a bit, it’s probably one of my least favourite in the series (excluding the DS efforts). The world is just lacking any real sense of place, and the constant content padding is a little frustrating. That said — I’ve really enjoyed the ways Skyward Sword has deviated from the Zelda formula. Particularly with the characterization of Zelda herself, there’s a genuine charm to that. In a lot of ways Skyward Sword really pushes Zelda to new heights, but it feels flawed in so many areas. I really hope Nintendo moves forward with the things that game does right.

Anyway, that’s enough of my ranting. If I finish Zelda, I might get straight back into Skyrim, continue playing To The Moon, or make a real go at Dark Souls. I haven’t quite decided yet…

What are you guys playing this weekend?


  • Finally going to finish Skyward Sword. Got the end boss a couple of nights ago and failed a few times (!!), so now I’m going back to collect a few more heart containers and fill up some bottles. This time I will be fully prepared! It’s probably not actually that tough once I learn the trick, but dying while trying to learn that trick is very frustrating…

    Also going to play some Rayman Origins and Portal Wombat* that arrived from the UK during the week 🙂

    *Not its real name.

    • And re: Zelda. We already discussed that there’s too much flab to extend the game – unskippable dialogs, stupid stealth sections, long boring bird flights back and forth, revisiting areas for the sake of it, etc – but I realised that the other thing that has really bothered me is the dumbing down to make it playable by everybody has ruined the sense of discovery. Yes, I probably would have worked out that I had to go there or do that IF YOU HADN’T TOLD ME THE INSTANT I STARTED THINKING ABOUT IT. *sigh*

      Still, you’re right, it does some things really well. I particularly love the sword fighting, they got that absolutely spot on (though shame about the harp playing and the balancing sections).

    • Red Potion++’s are really good.

      Also if you haven’t gotten the shiny shield from the thunder dragon consider doing that.

      And remember you don’t need any bigger quivers or bomb bags or rupee medals or whatever in your pouch, just life medals, a shield, and potions.

  • Starcraft 2 and possibly more Starcraft 2.

    I recently got in touch with an old friend from high school that I used to play a lot of co-op gaming with. Turns out that he’s quite the fan of SC2. His prompting get me to play a handful of 2v2 games with him, which helped me get over my ladder anxiety and do my first 1v1 placement match last night.

    This weekend, I want to finish my placement matches and see if I can end up in anything other than Bronze league. If I do end up in Bronze… well, then I have a rather clear goal for the next few weeks.

    That and there will be Kotakuians who seem keen on doing some team game madness.

    • I really would love to take on some more 2v2 multi in SC2, but once I start climbing those ladders, I can’t stop! Almost killed my (then) fledgling marriage :/

      Haven’t touched it since….

      • I’m a gold toss and I mostly 4v4 these days…
        I like trying different/stupid things otherwise I get bored and you just can’t do that in 1v1 or else I get crushed by either Mutas or marine/marauder..

    • Oh by the way Trjn, my Battletag is Ynefel#1812

      Will probably be on later tonight and possibly at various points on the weekend. I might see if you guys have any 2v2, 3v3 games on the go! I have promised to do my 5 1v1 placements this weekend, irrespective of the outcome or my levels of suck.

      • Most excellent.

        I don’t know if I gave my name/character code in the other thread (Trjn.643) but feel free to add me and send a message if you see me on.

  • If possible To The Moon should be played in one sitting imo, but obviously that can’t work for everyone. Amazing game though, that and Nier are the only times this generation I think I’ve been genuinely close to tears.

    I shall be playing some Old republic, probably some lol, symphony of the night if i can get it working again, and might start a 6th Human Revolution playthrough.

  • Picked up Just Cause 2 on sale off PSN so I’ll give that a crack, and a bit of Battlefield 3, hopefully.

    I want to go back to Dark Souls, but I’m too scared 🙁

    • I feel your pain on Dark Souls! Im only up to the Bell Gargoyle & keep getting my ass handed to me! Im scared to go back, fear of failure lol

  • Hmm, I haven’t played any games for almost two weeks. Just realised that!

    Demon’s Souls is still atop the list. I don’t think anything else will edge its way in for now.

  • SWTOR, Alpha Protocol (still waiting for Headbutt to appear) and Bulletstorm if Alpha Protocol ceases to interest me.


  • Probably some Saints Row, still chasing 100% completion (currently at 96!). I’m having friends over for a beleted birthday party for my wife (she’s sick of sharing her b’day with New Years because it falls on January 2nd) so I don’t imagine I’ll spend any time in Minecraft this weekend.

  • Maybe, just maybe some ‘rim tonight. But otherwise it’s going to be a busy-busy weekend of social fun. My ladyfan’s 30th Birthday party tomorrow evening.

    • Oo…she probably won’t appreciate me saying it’s her 30th. You know chicks and age etc. Ah well, she won’t be reading this anyway. I hope.

  • Just got my new Tritton headset so might get into some Battlefield 3. Need to get the last few acheivements in Rayman as well. Oh and picked up Bulletstorm real cheap so that will be a bit of fun.

  • Recently actived the three months of free xbox gold membership
    I got when I sent in my xbox after it red ringed. Over a year ago, now.

    So I will be getting as much use out of it as possible, starting with Gears of War 3 horde, Dead Island and Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Might also put Dark Souls in and see what online functionality adds.

  • Got my lil cousin over tonight, so it’ll probably be some online Uncharted 3 goodness. I might hook my PC up to my tv and try coax him in to playing some co-op Serious Sam 3 with me. 🙂

  • More Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Joker (my old DSi XL has been getting some new love because of this game, loving it so far). Picked up Dartksiders for $19 off PSN last night – been meaning to have a go at that game for a long time. It just got left by the wayside.

    After some motivation from Trjn, I might see if I can harden the hell up and go do my 1v1 placement matches on SC2. Performance anxiety be damned.
    Also try and find time to go catch up with a mate I haven’t seen for a month or two for a couple of beers. Then maybe some more study.

    Two days is NOT long enough for a weekend.

    • Yeah I enjoyed Fable II much more. I would offer to keep you company in multiplayer, but I don’t think you have gold?

    • I felt the same way. played as a good char the whole way through and couldn’t be bothered grinding towards the end to help out everyone

  • Help me out Kotaku. Nearing the end of Arkham Asylum (Poison Ivy Fight), and, while I have Arkham City, I don’t want to start it right now, mainly because I like to switch up game genres after every game (avoids me not experiencing a game fully because genre/IP conventions are repeated). I’ve narrowed down my choices for next game to play, which i’ll likely be starting this weekend:

    – Saints Row 3 (leaning towards this at the moment)
    – GTA IV
    – Dead Space
    – Bastion
    – New Vegas

    Of course i’d be happy for recommendations not from this list, as my wallet was (like many others) crushed by the Steam sale.

    • Of those games, I’d say Bastion is probably the top of the list. It’s the only game I’ve played where I jumped straight into New Game Plus after finishing it.

      It’s rather short (5-6 hours), so if you don’t get dragged into NG+ you can knock it out rather quickly too.

    • if you plow through it, you can knock over deadspace reasonably quickly as well… it is a good game that i am quite fund off, but i like my Scifi Survival Horrors 😛

  • What are your thoughts on To the Moon, Serrels?

    I’ll be hitting some SWTOR, maybe AC, but I want to replay The Darkness to do a write up before the sequel.

  • Finally got Ass Creed Rev, and it’s wonderful 🙂

    Seriously, people whined about the tower defence, the “same-ness”, the sound of the hook blade. Silly, silly people. It’s really good, and I’m looking forward to completing the shit out of it in the next few weeks!

    Oh, and IF I get bored (not likely in the next few days), I’ve still got a half completed game of Dead Space 2 and about 3 million quests on the go in Skyrim.

  • Shadows Of The Damned. Finally tried it during the week & absolutely love it!! Its straight up insane, & an insane amount of fun! Better than Gears 3 & Uncharted 3 in my book, by a mile (yep I went there!)
    Also some MW3 online, Alice: Madness Returns, & GTA 4 online. Gonna try out the FF XIII-2 & Asura’s Wrath demo’s too.

  • God of war collection. Going to see how far through I can push in a weekend session. Think I’m going to make a list of games and see how many I can knock off before the titles this year start hitting.

  • Was planning on playing uncharted 3 over the weekend, but i dunno, just not really enjoying it for some reason. So might knock off the end of The Wire season 4 (4 episodes so thats a good half day) and then either drop in to EB for SWTOR or go through Dead Space 2 again (got a hankering for it for some reason).

  • I aim to finish Skyward Sword also, in between playing some SW:TOR. Starting Skyrim will probably follow after that’s done.

  • SW:TOR, a few moments of Forza4, a little Call of Duty and maybe some Deus Ex /o\ or Rage..

    Plus I’m helping my sister move out of my house \o/.

  • i shall build my new machine like it was Lego without a instruction manual, and will then proceed into this game that everyone keeps talking about…
    what’s it called again?
    Cloud-…. no not cloud… s… ska… sky- yeah that’s it… Sky-something….

  • Same deal as Marky Serrels, I’ve been hitting some Skyward and needed a couple day break from the elaborate series of left turns.
    End is in sight (i assume) so i’d love to finish the game off this weekend.

  • I’m finally going to play the two half life episodes i don’t know why i never played them but im looking forward to it

  • Undecided, something from my current backlog of: Saints Row The Third, Demon’s Souls, Crysis 2, Red Dead Redemption or Duke Nukem Forever (don’t hate me, I couldn’t resist Duke for $15). Duke and Red Dead still unopened. So many games, so little time! 🙁

  • Probably check out the Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo as well as getting a bit further in AC:Revelations. Also may play a bit of Xenoblade if I get the chance.

  • Was hoping to get a bunch of NES games in the mail, but no such luck. Sif take over a week to get here from Queensland…

    Did have my copy of Virtual Fishing arrive. I guess I could play that? 😛

  • I’ll be devoting the weekend to finishing Dark Souls. I’ve sunk over 20 hours into it so far and died probably over 100 times, but god dammit I won’t let it make me its bitch!

  • Neverwinter Nights 2 and Witcher 2. Lots of 2’s.

    Also a bit of conquering Syria in Combat Mission as the turns of a big meta campaign I’m a part of are processed.

  • SC2, need to put some serious time into my 1v1. Wanna get back into Plat after letting my self slip back go gold =(

    Might finish dowloading the client for SWTOR and have ago at my first MMO.

    Ps. anyone want to 1v1 it’s Bildo on the SEA gold Toss =)

  • Dark souls came yesterday, but I’m not playing it until I finish skyward sword! So that’s on my agenda.
    I should really focus on finishing all the games I’ve bought but never touched, but I can’t help buying more games when they’re so cheap!

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