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Censor Watch

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Undoubtedly a slow week at the Classification Board, what with only three titles given a thorough examination. But they’re all interesting titles, if for quite different reasons.

Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (DS, Rising Star) – PG Mini Ninjas (DS, Atari) – PG Hei$t (Multi-platform, Atari) – MA15+

For a start, there’s the excellent news that Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon is actually getting a local release. As someone who’s grown bored with the traditional Harvest Moon formula, I’m quite excited to see how the additional RPG elements of monster battling and capturing manage to freshen things up.

Mini Ninjas is worthy of attention for being Hitman developer IO Interactive’s first non-adult, non-serious title. It’ll be curious to see if the gameplay matches the charm of the visual style.

And finally there’s the appallingly named Hei$t. I’d never even heard of this one, but some digging around reveals it to be something of a cross between Kane & Lynch and Interstate ’76. Oddly, neither publisher Codemasters nor distributor Atari have revealed a release date, although I managed to find an old press release that promised a “Q4 2007” launch. Hmm.


  • If Afro Samurai makes it through unscathed, I’ll know for sure the Classification Board has been repopulated with pod people.

    Then, I will relax because they know what they’re doing.

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