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Censor Watch


Time for another exciting edition of Censor Watch! We already know that Atari and Konami’s resubmitted version of Silent Hill: Homecoming managed to avoid the Classification Board’s banhammer. So what else is there? Let’s Tap! Looks like Sega is actually giving a local release to what we’re always going to call “The Game You Don’t Even Need To Touch The Controller To Play”. We’re as surprised as you.Also, Imagine: Young Doctor! Oh yes. We have no idea what this game actually is since Google fails to acknowledge it even exists, but we can guess. Just try not to think of those childhood games of Doctors & Nurses, okay?

Over the last seven days, these games have survived the scrutiny of our censors:

Afro Samurai (Atari, Multi-platform) – MA15+
Silent Hill: Homecoming (Atari, Multi-platform) – MA15+
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Activision Blizzard, Nintendo DS) – PG
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (THQ, Multi-platform) – M
Singstar Queen (Sony, PS2) – PG
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (THQ, PSP) – M
Trivial Pursuit (EA, Multi-platform) – G
MySims Party (EA, Multi-platform) – G
Rock Revolution (Red Ant, Multi-platform) – G
Imagine: Young Doctor (Ubisoft, Multi-platform) – G
Let’s Tap (Sega, Multi-platform) – G
Littlest Pet Shop: Spring (EA, Nintendo DS) – G
World Sports Party (Ubisoft, Multi-platform) – G


  • My cursor also turned into a target.

    Christ, these censors are ridiculous. It’s suggesting that adults don’t play games at all.

  • The OFLC’s banhammering has always been a bugbear of mine, but it’s inconsistency has been staggering lately. I’ve been playing Dead Space, and consequently have been decapitated and cut in half on numerous occassions, yet I don’t remember there ever being any talk of it being banned. Meanwhile, the OFLC’s reasons for banning FEAR 2: Project Origin (since overturned) was due to excessive gore and head’s being blown off.
    Go figure.

  • On the upside I see Singstar Queen has been approved so I guess it is near release? I can’t seem to find a release date for AU anywhere on line.

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