Show Us Yours: We’re Back

Show Us Yours: We’re Back
stash7Been a while since you showed us yours. But this one’s a bit special.

Reader “Jim Bob” has a quite spectacular collection of old consoles and quirky accessories. Love the Nintendo Scope.


He’s got every Sega console (well, except the 32X and CD add-on), every Sony console, and almost every Nintendo console and handheld. Forgive my ignorance though, but what is that thing bottom left, below the SNES?


And he’s also got lots of games. Including two copies of Megan Man 2 on NES.


Loads of SNES games, too. Nice to see one of my personal faves, Cybernator, there in the 3rd row.


And a handful of N64 carts, of which all but 2 or 3 are bonafide classics. (Guess which ones aren’t.) But it’s not all thoroughly retro in Jim Bob’s house…


As this selection of PS3, PS2, 360, Cube and Xbox games confirms. Shame about Driv3r, but I dig the presence of both Viva Pinatas. Thanks Jim Bob!

If you’d like to Show Us Yours, you can do so by emailing us some (hi-res) snaps of your collection of gaming paraphernalia. Oh, and please include a brief description. Look out for more Show Us Yours every Thursday.


  • I’ve been wondering when this was going to come back.

    I will be sending pics of my collection but it will have to wait till after I move coz most of it’s packed away.

    @ David Wildgoose

    That thing under the SNES is the NES 2. It’s a remodelled smaller top loading version of the NES. Here’s a link in case you’d like to read up about it.

  • A wonderful collection. Makes me feel warm with nostalgia. At least I think it’s nostalgia. I may have wet myself. Anyway, good idea with the plastic covering, most of my consoles are exposed to the elements. They must hate me.

  • Shame on you, David Wildgoose, shame on you for not knowing of the NES 2 😀
    It saddens me to not see a Booster Boy in there anywhere. Those things were awesome (yet crap at the same time).
    The collection gets bonus points for having a Super Game Boy.

  • Yeah thing on the bottom left is the top loader NES. Its actually great cause its region free which allowed for the great tradition of importing 😛

  • VERY nice collection there Jim Bob. I love the fact that your preserving the old consoles the way they’re meant to be. Do you still use the old gear? I know I would if i still had such a collection. When i saw this was back I was thinking of sending in pics of mine. But, now I think I’ll hide my collection in shame 😀
    Please keep this going if you can. We love seeing other peoples kick ass collections.
    I might still send in some pics of mine. Just in case you get desperate. LOL

  • Nice! I’ll buy that Mega Man X cartridge off you for 50bucks! That game rocks my world.

    Also, its been a while since the last ‘Show us yours’. Glad to see it back.

  • Re: bonafide classics

    I would have to put money on Micro Machines and Fifa ’09 (wait, that’s ’99 😉 being the two ‘duds’. Although every game is a classic alongside Superman 64..

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